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Steemit Inc is trying. I give them credit.

Since the start of the year, their interaction with the community is improved. That is not to say it is perfect because a lot more could be done such as the team actually using on a more frequent basis.

That said, there is something that I think requires highlighting.

Yesterday, @steemitblog put out a post detailing the progress of SMTs. The team devised a system which tracks how they are doing compared to the expected completion time. Steemit provided a tentative expectation of late September although they did leave some room if other things such as security issues arose.

Fair enough.

Here is what they had to report.

We all know how important SMTs are. This is something that Steemit Inc first introduced about 18 months ago. Since that time, we saw a lot of promise, yet little delivery.

The team claims there were other issues that arose which required attention. Perhaps. Nevertheless, a great deal of the "reputation" Steem presently has is because of Steemit Inc's inability to deliver.

As for what was released, I do not think it matters much if the graph is showing ahead, behind, or right on schedule. After so long, a couple weeks either way is not going to matter.

What is vital is that there is communication in terms of the progress being made. There is nothing worse for businesses trying to make plans than uncertainty. When a company is silent about something so crucial to the business plans for a lot of entities, it is catastrophic.

During @exyle's interview with @project7, he stated on a couple of occasions, something to the effect "if SMTs come out". This captures it all in a nutshell.

He is not sure if we will ever see these tokens that are suppose to monetize the "Proof of Brain" concept. It is vitally important to him and the plans for his business. It is easy to see the cause for concern after 18 months of promise without anything emerging.

Of course, times are changing. Yesterday's post does provide some insight to where things stand. Referring to the exact issue numbers helps those monitoring the situation.

On one level, I am encouraged to be able to write this. After being a mess for so long, it seems Steemit Inc is now helping the community providing for a brighter future.

That said, it is sad that I even have to write this. One would think that it common sense to have full-blown communication with a community that is dependent upon what you do. Obviously, this was not the case for a long time.

As much as we are encouraged by the development we see in terms of applications and layer 2 solutions, we cannot escape the fact there are certain things we require at the base layer. This means Steemit Inc. I am excited that the community took a great deal more on its own shoulders since November of last year. This only accelerated our progress.

I hope it is thoroughly clear to Steemit Inc how vital it is for them to "do what they say and say what they do". Too many eyes are watching simply out of unavoidable dependence. As more businesses are attracted to the Steem ecosystem, this will only add to the burden. Businesses require clarity and this only comes from clear and concise information.

In other words, Steemit Inc cannot operate in the dark. The effect of its decisions are simply too vital to the success of thousands (if not tens of thousands).

Essentially, we are still at the point where the most important news that comes out each week is from Steemit Inc.

Like it or not, since they code the base layer, it is the boat we are in.

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  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Steemit horizon is bright, patience will reward the ones able to wait.
Hodl folks!

Agree but it should not be like this towards the future. As distribution improves and they hold less of the stake, more developers should bring true decentralization into the fold as start their own proposals for future changes.

It's as simple as this. Be transparent and produce results. That promotes your brand but they seem like they have no clue how to do this. Trust but verify must be followed. Thanks for sharing!

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I am to much happy to hear the news. I love steemit no matter how the downturned of steem value. I am hoping that SMT will be realized soon. Thank you @taskmaster4450 for the good news.

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As usual, well said :)

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