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Woohoooo!! I am a whale!!!

Forgive my exuberance. I have wanted to be a whale since I joined STEEM less than a year ago. I have not given up on STEEM whaleness, but I am an inpatient guy. Enter the tokens.

Birth of a Whale

Since tokens have become available, I have been like a chicken grabbing worms after a rainstorm. I have basically picked up some of every SCOT token that has come out. Hmmm...I needed to focus a bit, so I picked several (or more) that I thought would do well long term from an investment perspective on. From those, I picked LEO and began to pile in.

I have always been interested in investing and it seemed that steemleo was the tribe most likely hold my interest and spark passion. I also happen to think that it has the potential to be one of the top tribes long-term.

I began to dump STEEM into my account. I bought up and staked quite a bit on top of my initial airdrop. Voila!! A whale!! Now what??

Growth of a Whale

If I'm a whale, I want to act like one. A good one. What do good whales do? Its very early in my whale life, so I haven't gotten around to all of these (and I know there are more - just a rough start). What follows is kind of an early outline to myself of things to do to be a good LEO whale.

Get Bigger!

Every whale needs to get bigger. It's what whales do. How do I do that? Eat a lot of LEO

  1. Buy more LEO - fairly regular if possible; sometimes small, sometimes large (for me)
  2. Earn LEO - create content, curate, comment,
  3. Other things that get me more LEO passively - delegate to @leo.voter; enter contests; buy miners (already done - might post more about this later)

Help Others Get Bigger!

Whales are very social. Gotta hang out, play, learn and teach

  1. Spread LEO - funny--same as #2 above
  2. Teach - let others know anything I learn to thrive on steemleo
  3. Invite others to join - spread the word
  4. Share ideas - about investments; about improvements for the tribe

Well, this is just a quick celebratory post and near stream of conciousness brainstorm. I'm sure i will look back on this and not like it, but oh well. I hope no one takes this as gloating. I'm just genuinely excited and truly hope many, many others will get to make their own LEO whale posts!.

Thank you very much for creating this community and thoughtfully designing it. It is clear that lots of thought was put in and so far I really like the potential it has.

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Congratulations! Happy Whale Birthday!
It must feel great! Ever since I joined Steemit I aim for the next level and I was so happy ever time I made an advancement goal whale status. The token explosion gives us the opportunity to be a Whale and I admire you for seizing the bull by the horns and diving right in. Just like the original whales on Steemit you are making a big investment and risking significant amounts of capitol. So may the force be with you and may we all prosper together on this Steem blockchain and in this great Steemleo community.

Thank you! It does feel great. I think I may be a whale in one or two of the others too, but this is the one I am really gonna focus on.

I did take a big (for me) risk, but I feel good about it. The community seems well designed, is a good fit for STEEM, and is a very popular topic on the main chain. Having a niche for it will most likely succeed. I intend to risk some more and learn a lot from others.

Good luck to you also. You seem to already have some investing content on STEEM. I will have a look.

Hahaha well done my friend. Onwards and Upwards :-)

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Thank you! Onwards and Upwards to you as well. Hope to be seeing you around in steemleo!