What's the fair value of the DWD Token?

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As you already know - if you did not spent the last 7 days in a cave or the ultimate wilderness with no mobile-phone reception - drugwars pivoted from the crappy obyte based future token to the mighty steem-engine based DWD token.
The transition and transfer between drugwars and steemengine is just so incredibly smooth that I had to pinch myself if I am dreaming or not: Just one click and there it is in your steemengine wallet.

This is a win win win situation:
Its good for DW because there is now a realistic chance for a functioning eco-system on DW (also its a long way..)
Its good for steem-engine because every DW player will now also be steemengine user and will experience (and subsequently love and use) this great marketplace and tool
Its good for steem because its good for steem-engine and DW.

Again - this is by no means a trading or investment advice and I will in fractions of seconds be possibly long, short DWD or any token I am talking about or doing the exact opposite. Just ask your financial advisor - and do not rely on my posts!

However - just as predicted - there are wild swings in the price and hence great trading opportunities in the DW token.
So this are the facts I consider to make up your mind about the fair value of DWD:
1.) Sales price in the game: 1 steem = 3 DWD, or 1 DWD = 0.33 steem
2.) Outstanding DWD: atm 212,768
3.) Total possible outstanding DWD: 10 Mio.
4.) current inflation: today 4,880 DWD, or 1.78 Mio. p.a. but! this seems to change every day!

At the current marketprice of 0.035 BID to 0.039 ASK you would need between 7,500 and 8,500 steem to buy all (atm:212,768) outstanding DWD token.

What you also should consider: how many steem does DW still hold and are they happy with the current marketprice?

I will give you more hints in the next days about what I think how to get down to the fair value...

And I am also looking very much forward to the implementation of the nextcolony token on steemengine!

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Such early days. Hope it does really well in the future!

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I was also astonished how smooth this worked. Futures became DWD like magic.
This was a very important step for drugwars to make. In my opinion, the only chance to keep the game alive.
I totally agree that's a triple win!

The exchange rates are crazy again but I think that's the only way for drugwars to stay alive on the long run. Perhaps, they will egalize a bit in some months.

Hi @solarwarrior

I may not be hiding in cave but I usually don't follow any news about Drugwars. However even I've heard about their token being launched on steem-engine.

Glad to read your thoughts on that subject. I'm guessing that you were pleasently surprised that mentioned transition was so smooth. It surely put's Drugwars developers in a very good light.

realistic chance for a functioning eco-system on DW

Would you mind sharing with me how does their eco-system looks like? How is their economy build? Any methods of burning tokens?

Upvote on the way :)



Total outstanding DWD Token up to 269.583 Token (that are very likely people who just woke up and transferred their tokens from DW to steemengine)
and daily inflation is up for this week to 20,63K --> so after this week we will be above 145k + 270k = at least 415 k

current bid/ask is around 0.0295 so it would take 12,250 steem to buy it all at this price and if inflation goes back to normal levels (around 5k per day) we will probably be around 2.5 Mio. tokens in August next year, equaling at current market price 75,000 steem.

@solarwarrior, Great to know about the come back of Drugwars platform and hope that DWD will be valuable going forward. And most importantly Steemengine rised as great opportunity for many.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Hey @solarwarrior! This was a really nice post, thank you for sharing your thoughts and views about our new implementation with the rest of the community. As a show of gratitude, I will summon my pet bot to award you with 1 DWD token.

Be aware, my pet changes his attitude just like he changes his colours so you never know will he be naughty or nice. Take his words with a dose of humour and enjoy your token! ;)



“Unless your name is Google stop acting like you know everything.

Here is 1 DWD for you.”