Building a Blockchain City

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What's up steemiverse? It's 414am in my world and I'm wide awake due to too many late evening coffees, but I was at a fancy 5 star hotel and was seated next to a digital barista so.....

Pictured is my AI rendering of Lombard Street in San Francisco which has nothing to do with this post other than its a city picture that's cool, right? The original is badass too, hence I stole it from the web.

Not to mention i used to live in SF and I was just watching an amazing episode of star trek DS9 where 3 main characters got transported to SF but in the wrong year 2024. As is often the case with Star Trek the fictitious state of 21st century San Francisco was pretty on point. It was a sanctuary city overrun with out of job citizens. They had built a walled off section to deal with the failed economics and provided citizens with digital ID and credit chips that were essentialy crypto that gave citizens access to the infrastructure of the city or the "safe haven" depending on one's affluence. This is not an unlikely scenario and the Bay Area is on the precipice of such a reality.

Enter the link provided. A Singapore based startup has unveiled it's prodigious plans to build an entire smart city that is fueled by blockchain. Just like in the star trek episode the citizens must pass a criminal background check and abide by the regulations that will be set forth. The location is Phnom Penh Cambodia and will house nearly 200,000 citizens that will all be interconnected via the framework of a digital currency that I imagine will be a stable coin. This currency will give citizens access to the goods and services of the city as well as provide the new-found ability to make financial transactions for hundreds of thousands that currently don't even have bank accounts and might not ever need one, nor will they need paper money. This is a huge leap forward for humanity and the company has called itself Limestone in homage to the great civilization built on the banks of the river Nile in ancient Egypt.

We our witnessing the evolution of currency firsthand. Some of us might remember when bank of America first introduced it's diners card in the 1950s. This eventually became visa 💳 and lines of credit soon became commonplace. Many more here will recall the advent of online banking and digital transactions. Of course us crypto kids are keen to the logical progression of digital money into blockchain as fathered by bitcoin just a decade ago. And now we will witness a civilization built on the back of blockchain in a developing nation.

As btc is taking a dive and steem is still shitting the bed at 18 cents the cryptosphere is full steam ahead giving zero forks about monetized social media. I suggest you also look to the future and see that we have only scratched the surface of what this technology is capable of. Just like star trek there are those boldly going where no one has gone before and with that triumph of the human spirit we may someday rid the world of the conniving con game of capitalism that runs on the foundations of scarcity. The reality of abundance is upon us and a golden age of symbiosis awaits our grand reentry. Will you be a part of the solution or will you bitch and moan about some ridiculous bastardization of reddit with money ecosystem? 🤑🖖🙏 That's highly illogical!

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Live long and HODL. 🖖

Haha, precisely! Set to full impulse, engage!

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Hold on tight the ride is just getting started.

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citizens must pass a criminal background check and abide by the regulations that will be set forth

Err no thanks, sounds a little like Singapore already!!

This sounds more like Demolition Man, which is probably the nearestany movie has ever predicted the reality of the near future...and we all know how that ended!
Crypto YES, but not the transparent, traceable everyone ..especially the big brother can see what you're doing kind IS definitely the future but if we don't adopt a more opaque system, we will end up being more controlled than we are now.

Well of course, I'm not saying relinquish all our sovereignty but somewhere we must find a happy medium... That's old steem bro 😂

But seriously it does require a shift in how we humans choose to live. In our current monkeys slinging shit mind frame we will have a dystopian nightmare. If we can live the John Lennon imagine way, what do I have to hide? Your reaction is stemming from a very logical fear based on previous human experience. Sure, it's a naive utopian vision but if we can't evolve we are already fucked. If or when things like clean water become our most cherished resource hiding our gambling winnings or cheating on taxes or whatever it is we feel we must hide from the machine won't even be an issue..

There will be blood it's going to be brutal no avoiding that.

We need to evolve alright, but into a more trusting, trustable, compassionate, empathic and less greedy race then draconian rules and regulation won't be necessary. We need to be creating less law, not more. Its about personal choice within an interdependent community state, not an authoritarian 1984esque dystopia.

And its a logical fallacy to think that people who want more anonymity in their lives are 'hiding' or hiding something. Some people just prefer the choice to what others see of themselves and don't. Why is it any one elses business or requirement to know if I buy Snickers or a Mars bar? The only reason people want this information is for marketing and to build a profile on me and to check the shopkeeper is paying his taxes. That's should be down to personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is the utopian future I want to see. Sadly we are nowhere near evolved yet. All you have to do is look at this shit hole. Give people an inch, they take a mile but is that just people being shit, or being too used to not having? If the latter, then that's the personal responsibility of people 'with' to share more freely.

Just today, I read about facial recognition being secretly used at Kings Cross station, on private land with public access. No one knows why, or what its being used for or checked against. Being going on for years. I pass through there a number of times per year. I am not so naive to not know that mine, and millions of other's biometric data is already being stored and used but I am not happy about because I didn't have a choice. Ask my permission and they would have it, don't give me a choice, I'm against it.

Right, off to 7/11 for a Twix, and paying in cash. Fuck em!

Haha, yes I completely agree and I wasn't implying that ONLY those with something to hide are interested in not being monitored. If there's no consent or choice to be a willing participant we have a problem.. I am not advocating being snooped on but I also realize in many instances the freedom of choice is an illusion. I'm not about to move to experiment city in cambodia but it's also a logical fallacy to assume we as citizens can't use the same tech to create a world we wish to live in... I don't want a snickers or a Reese's I want to buy unprocessed chocolate from the farmer with my borderless anonymous digital coin. It's going to be a long arduous process..

It's possibly a two way street whereby self governance and politics can keep tabs on one another. These types of exchanges aren't conducive via text while I'm keeping up with two wild sugar high kids at the mall lol.

We all want the same things and some trust is going to be tantamount to achieve anything resembling faith in personsal responsibility. The tech is waiting for the people to grow the hell up and realise we are only as strong as our weakest link in the chain..

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The tech is waiting for the people to grow the hell up and realise we are only as strong as our weakest link in the chain..

and that my friend is the key!

I believe controlled smart cities is the agenda. Get everyone corralled into the cities so everything can be tracked, traced, and controlled. I could never get into deep space 9 but apparently there was a lot more going on in that series than I thought.

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Yea I'm not disagreeing but I'm also not convinced it's just going to be part of the process. Freedom isn't free it costs a buck 05 and to be real we have a diet version of this traceable existence already anyway.

Reality is stranger than fiction holds so true for that Limestone project... It's actually quite scary how much.

Sounds like a faster road to 1984 to me but, shits gonna get build, in time the o so coveted masses will surely get onboard and one day, I'll probably end up caught in it one way or another.

And as a crypto whore, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just invest in it from the get go.... hypothetically, if I had any money.

Damn I miss I coffee!

Highly rEsteemed!

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