Steem's Biggest Strength Is Also It's Biggest Weakness

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It's no fucking wonder people think steem is a dead project! <- this is steem's reddit page <- this one is more active however the comments are all highly negative.

My point being that we are in a social bubble

All the positive stuff that happens on steem, more or less stays on-chain. Which is great because it means we're using the chain properly, out of need, not necessity. On the other hand, we need to share these positive developments with the outside world.

The new steemit team have done a good job of doing this through the use of blockfolio signals, great job however they could be more frequent. Metal-pay will have a good result to the same affect as well. I'm not sure who corrected the errors in the Wikipedia pages for steem and steemit but they've definitely been updated and are far more accurate and less... FUDdy now.

I urge you, the users, to not be embarrassed about being a blockchain nerd and share your fovorute articles to social media. If you have a lot of crypto friends, share @steemitblog's posts to your social media. Let them know we're not dead.

Network Effect

Every time we post, we're building steem's SEO.

This means, every time you post, every other steem post get's a higher and higher google pageview ranking, better visibility. The real SEO though, comes in when huge websites like Facebook and Reddit start getting links to steem articles plastered everywhere.

As an example of our already brilliant SEO, if you search "html markup markdown ultimate". You will find a steem post i wrote nearly a year ago. And below that, another steem post!

The reason my article is so high (2nd out of half a million results), is all thanks to the fact that so many people commented on the post leaving their thanks, and that so many people referenced it in their own posts over the course of the year. This is how google page-rank determines what appears first.

So that's why it's important to reference sources, paste steem links everywhere you possibly can, comment on as much stuff as you can, and help grow this network organically to the point where steem interfaces are the top 5 results for every google search ;0 the effect only gets stronger with time.

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"All the positive stuff that happens on steem, more or less stays on-chain. Which is great because it means we're using the chain properly, out of need, not necessity. On the other hand, we need to share these positive developments with the outside world."

Exactly my thoughts. We all know how cool our blockchain and community is but we need to make sure the outside world gets to know about it too. That´s the only/best way to grow and help the price of Steem increase in my opinion. That´s also why I really appreciate and support any initiative that spreads the word about Steem. Fortunately, we have some great ambassadors who have been doing a great job here but we all need to do our part.

Yeah, just think about this video @dannyshine made when I first started here. This is the kind of energy and excitement around here when I first started!

Oh wow, this is brilliant :) Havent´t seen it yet. We need more of this energy.

That's actually how I found Steemit... Google send me here like 5 times before I even realized it was a cryptocurrency. I eventually saw Steem on Coinmarketcap and was like:

Sounds a lot like Steemit... LOL wtf.

Perhaps my embarrassing origin story will be the same for many others.

I do think's biggest positive is the massive dollar signs next to posts and comments. If a passerby saw that, they'd likely be intrigued.

Even though steempeak is my favorite interface, I'll often send steem links to steemit for those big $ signs as people aren't likely to know what an STU is.

That plesant feeling when you perform a Google search and there is a steem article at the top of the results.

Agreed, $$ is universal.


Lol nice, love when that happens.

I heard about it through one of the YouTube guys who I used to follow regularly. He’s sadly since quit, citing issues that others have raised. If he would come back via 3speak I’d be excited but I’m just a redfish to him lol

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I'm not sure who corrected the errors in the Wikipedia pages for steem

IIRC, it was @theaustrianguy

Great respect for that @theaustranguy :) not written in a steem-cheerleaderish way, just in a way that doesn't focus on the bad stuff.

if you search bil prag (i mean why would you, but :D) all the links on the first pages are steem connected except 500pix and flicker. interesting that instagram is not on first page.

For me, if I search my full name (not even my steem username), is second after linkedin and higher than YouTube :0 crazy

Very good points and delivered concisely. I think people under-estimate SEO and some bloggers aren't aware of its power.

Fortunately for us, a lot of what is happening goes on in the background and so many are helping without even realizing it. More work to be done for sure though.

OMG, I want to pay to people to join in.

But I have a problem..

Inviting people in, it's so hard.

I am a red fish, I have been here for 2 weeks. It's almost like a bad thing

The problem Is that,
I have no straight way to get people in.

If you want to get new people in, let us newcomers get a fast way to do so?

I have a worth of 4 SBD, but...

If I would have a good way to invite people in, in minutes perhaps..
I would pay them for 0,01 SBD to get here.

Nothing, and I mean nothing gets people moving like money..
Well, except free food or merchandise, but we can't give them.....right?

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And I don't mean that you should give me money....

I mean that there should be a program that allow newbies to invite people here.

I have been here for 2 weeks and I am still very, very, very excited to be here.
And I think that the community should use the newcomers excitement here.

Let us newcomers invite people in, before we've gotten used to things here.

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I sent you 1 INV token via steem-engine, you can redeem it for an account for one of your friends and it wont cost you a penny:

In the future, you'll have to buy INV tokens from the open market here, they cost about $0.70 at the moment. Or buy steem accounts with a card here, thats about $2.50 and comes with a 90 day delegation.

Thank you very much for this present and I am really happy to receive it.

Now, I need to decide who would I like to invite here?

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I think someone who is sociable, morally astute, talented in their field, a giver, and who don't give up easily are qualities for a perfect steemian ;)

My nephew sounds like that.

When will the token be available?

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Okay, my nephew is the one who is will invite.

When will the token be available to use?

I just tried it, but it didn't recognize me

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It's already in your wallet, you might have do install steem keychain on your browser

I'm doing all of this with my smartphone Huawei P9.

And I am in the middle of the nearby forest.
And I don't see those Steem engine tokens in my chrome browser.
And I did install the steem keychain on my browser.

Perhaps I will wait until I get back home and in the evening I'll look at it in our computer...

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If you log in via instead of you'll be able to see the tokens. Steem key chain is a browser addon so I'm not sure if it's avaliable on mobile.

Okay, I will try it now with the smartphone and if it doesn't work, I'll try it later today with our laptop

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Okay, I see the INV token in the Steem engine tokens.
And I am still doing this with my smartphone.

On this steempeak website, there is a choice to send this through telegram app or go to the market and sell it.

There is no alternative to use this token to invite anyone.
How do I proceed to invite my nephew from here?

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I started out online doing seo in 2007. A lot has changed since then but you right. I actually started steemit only to get backlinks from the Steemit domain to my business pages. I had no idea that it was a crypto site. It's SEO value is enormous. That is why every business on the planet needs a steemit page.

There is a lot of work that can be done to boost the reputation of steem as a blockchain. Writing blog posts about the positive aspects and then plastering them around the web is a great idea.

  ·  last year (edited)Reveal Comment

yea, at least having an account and 1 blog post to showcase their business because that alone will rank in google for their business name. If they post often it will rank consistantly on page 1 of google for their business name. It's good because it can be a hedge against negative references to a business. Instead of 10 spots for entries on google search page 1, you now have only 9. It's key to control as many entries on page 1 for your business name

I got Steemit Links all over
Link on my YT
Represent on IG
But does Google want a strong Steemit? ;)

I don't think Google are bothered by us in the slightest. It's not like Google+ or Google hangouts were particularly successful 😂

But you're right, there are forces out there that don't want us to succeed.

:) Forget them hangouts...
It's more like who pulling the strings
in the background of Google...
But hey, let's use their systems/SEO
until we replace them with something better ;)

Great point.

I used to put my posts on Pinterest...

You should start doing that again, it's truly powerful, even one Web page from a strong sitereferancing your post will boost its pageranking massively!

Huh. Yeah, I admit, I am very timid about mentioning my blockchain nerdiness. I have heard far too often "sounds like a pyramid scheme" and seen their eyes glaze over because everyone who says, "It's not, and here's why" sounds like someone who has been taken in by a pyramid scheme.

Ah, well.

My argument is that steem is down 95% from all time high, a pyramid scheme is completely unsustainable at that level 😂 ahh but what do we know, eh?

Me like😎

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Me like too. Great potential here with little effort :D

Never thought of using other websites to promote STEEM this way. I sometimes use twitter to talk about my posts though, which reminds me I should do that more frequently.

Definitely! Sometimes I'll post something first on steem and instead of reposting it, I'll just pase the link everywhere :0

Great information I did not realize how the SEO worked.

And now you do ;) go change the world!

So much sense to this. But I feel that people are not inclined to do much more than upvote a lot of the time. More engagement need, in and out of the chain you are right

I think we can expect to see a lot more of this genuine interaction and manual curation once SMTs and communities come along.

It's been a long time coming but steemit Inc assure us that all their efforts are going toward these two things. I think Eli Powell has proven herself quite capable so far.

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