Why steemit is going to be a huge platform in next couple of years??

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Here is a detailed explanation why you should invest in steem, even leo token and other tribe tokens !!!

As a blogger in steemit you all are optimistic for sure, in fact you should be.

The reason behind my statement is huge. Now already the value of 2332000 dollar and ranking of STEEMIT is 12700 globally. Which you can see from the below data. It is taken from https://www.worthofweb.com/.

As we all know steemit is now steem and steem is much higher than steemit. Now as STEEMIT is linked or powered by steem, grow of steem coin is directly period to the grow of overall steemit platform.

But why am optimistic???

Introduction of tribes has already added a huge value to the steemit. Tribe are nothing but the blogging platform, similar to STEEMIT and powered by their own tokens which is powered by stem engine.

### Some good example of tribes are :@steemleo, @sportstalksocial, @dblog by @dblogger, @ctp, @lotus, @stemgeeks, @neoxian, @palnet etc.

So anything you are going to publish on these tribes are automatically will be published in steemit.

This way steemit will be getting a huge visitors in coming days. Visitors are the life of a social media platform. Simply more the visitors more the value of a platform.

Again the introduction of SMART MEDIA TOKEN is a big propeller for steemit. Now everyone can make their own token without the knowledge of coding very easily.

This will attract many publishers. They will now run their own blogging platform without writing about the revenue from advertisement. It will be like summer plug and play. No complex setup is required.

The third point is the exchange specially designed for steem tokens. Means you can buy or sell any country through steem. That's again a big thing.

steem leo

steem engine

Here is how steem engine looks :

These are the exchanges with very low fees and you ll able to find many tokens powered by steem block chain.

You must not trust all three listed token, so go with more trusted token, which all have a good market cap and popularity.

We may surely see many coins listed will sure after couple of years. So only but and hold token with good popularity. You can find the average no of tracking each token does in 24 hour period in the exchange too..

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