Technical analysis : For traders - 1.0

in steemleo •  8 months ago 

Hi all,

I will be creating a tutorial series on trading the crypto currency and this is the first one.

What is trading????


When you buy some crypto on exchange of other, it's called trading.

Like you may trade for any token like leo, pal, stem by exchanging stem coin or fiat currency.

Where can you trade??

You can trade in an exchange. Consider @steem-engine or At these places you can trade any steem powered token, there are many.

So now the question comes, which one to buy and which one to sell???

How to predict, which coin is going to increase in value and which coin is going down??

For this we can consider technical analysis. With help of technical analysis we can understand the way a perticular currency is likely to move.

There's many component too learn in technical analysis, though the first one is candle stick and then their patterns.

Though every crypto or other assets don't follow the pattern everytime, still with some basic rules you can always expect to have higher winning ratio in trading.

My job is to first introduced you to the rules, than candle stick and finally to the pattern.

Stay tunes for the next update.

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