Crypto Space: Best Cryptocurrency To Invest! Can I Invest In Blockchain?

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Hello! Friends,
Year 2019 with Cryptocurrency has been up and down which brought in so many questions to the table of traders, newbies to crypto and oldbies on what are the right or best crypto to invest in? From speculations or technical analysis you place your bet on a crypto just to find out the value drop drastically and you quantify the value of money you lose just because you did not place FOMO on all your investment, the question still ring into your ears what's the best crypto to invest in as 2019 keep getting more new investors into system.

As a beginner are you finding cryptocurrency investment difficult just because you don't understand market speculations or technical analysis? We may not be able to get the real picture of best invesent but I assure you by the end of this discussion you will get your way to crypto investment. You ask why are you so sure samest? Trend with Me Gently!

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Is Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherneum, Steem, Uptrennd etc best crypto to invest?

Let's look at some growth that has happened to crypto world.

Crypto Space Market 💹

Its not a strange thing to know that Bitcoin is the first digital asset launched 2009 and its has grown to the mainstream and if you are a follower of cryptocurrency you can flash back to how huge one unit of Bitcoin skyrocket to $20,000and made many billionaire.
The growth that occur to Bitcoin was like 4000% increase in price. Are you shocked? Well this is one of the beautiful thing about cryptocurrency.
The increase did not only happened to bitcoin knowing that bitcoin gave birth to over 2000 cryptocurrencies. The skyrocketed that's happened 2017 placed the overall marketcap of cryptocurrencies on over $453 Billion as against $21 billion recorded in March 2017. Is that not huge?

Now, Cryptocurrency has developed and receive transformation from only Bitcoin has we have so many other digital cryptocurrencies are waves To effect change in positive direction.

The cryptocurrency market isn’t just about Bitcoin anymore. There are other cryptocurrencies that have entered the space, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. All of these have performed incredibly well over the last year and are the best cryptocurrency to invest in. I remembered in 2018, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are great coin to invest in but are they still maintain their stand as the best crypto?

Many thing has happened and many things has been released that focus on the future of Cryptocurrencies, some believe crypto won't last long and others believe it will definitely stay forever. Which part are you?

Can We Predict Cryptocurrencies Future?

Predicting the future can be a difficult thing when talking about cryptocurrency, but one thing for sure is the popularity of cryptocurrency keeps increasing daily. The increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency Is traced down to blockchain technology. Bitcoin is not a blockchain and blockchain is not bitcoin, the technology behind Cryptocurrency ed is known as blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is the first disgital asset that make use of this technology and this is a big thing in crypto space between of its security and trust system it is. When you understand this technology you are safe but you can't learn how to invest in blockchain, the only thing possible is learning the use of blockchain in relation to cryptocurrency investment.

Now you ask what then is the best crypto to invest?

No doubt Bitcoin is one of the digital asset to invest in, But due to volatility Which is the most factor associated with every crypto many run from investing in crypto. Bitcoin share at least 40% in total market of cryptocurrency cap which shows that he's the one dominatingbthe market and if it fail all market is down.
Yes, the price of one unit can chase new investor away, but holding little is one of what you can't regret in 1 year or two from now. So, I say investing in bitcoin might be consider as a good investment this year that is even with low price for now.

Price of bitcoin changes daily so remove emotion and invest. So, you ask when is then the best time to invest?
See, staying close to Bitcoin news will help you, the moment you receive information about bitcoin new event on The Way, it is possible the price drop. There are many scenaio that has happened in the past, the splitbof Bitcoin to Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash do you remember? It is important to stay up to date to bitcoin news.

Considering Ethereum as bestbshoukd be added to your list, though everyome has what we are looking for, but itbis certain the price of ethereum can rise to $200 BeFore ThE end of 2019. I got information about working on there new protocols which will soon be ready and it will be amazing to see the launch. Ethereum is on the watch.

I can continue to mention them one by one but you need to settle you mind on if you are after longterm or short-term cryptocurrency investment.
Considering long-term you mist be ready to fixed your investment for. Minimum of 6 months to 1 year. I have many that use 5 years as minimum period for there investment, but like I say is up to you to determine what you want.

Whats your goal on your investment? Are you looking at selling when the price reach a certain amount of you are looking at period of tine you will use to invest? Also, if you must sell, are you going to sell all or just part of the coin? You must agree with your mind what can make you sell off your longterm investment in a short period?

In conclusion, I may not be able to share you with many crypto to invest in, but when you trace the history, news, developer team and the trend of a project, it will tell you if longterm investment will certain be a good idea. Uptrennd token is a great token to buy hold because is still in beta and already listed on two exchanges and on CMC, and if you check the history of sales of this coin, the level of dumping as reduce just because of development on going with the team, I have the understand that a project with low market cap and has highbtrading volume will settle down to become short term investment, but when you discover a project with user holding the token and is difficult to get the token not because is not in circulation but just because of the service, such token will increase in price due to the fact that the team not relent in upgrading and releasing new update that will help the system.
You invest in cryptocurrency that make use of blockchain, you can't invest in blockchain! You get that's thought?

What's you take when considering long-term investment to short-term investment which one brings in high returns? Let's rob mind together at this time!

Please consider this my article as personal thought, is bound to change

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I agree with you that Ethereum should be on the watch list. There are a lot of applications built on top of Ethereum that require the ETH 'gas', so I think this will help maintain demand for ETH.

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