2019: A Chapter Full of Changes

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2019 Has been a year full of non-expected changes.

One of them (and one of the most remarkable) has been the first touch in my life with the world of cryptocurrency thanks to my steemian friend @empoderat (who I also know from the physical world hehe).

He first showed me Bitcoin, and I immediately fell in love with the idea. Even today I see it as something utopic, I'm still studying and figuring out how all these complex gears work together.


Frankly I'm still falling into the rabbit hole and I often feel overwhelmed, but still! (At least I have someone clever in the field in who I can always rely on...) I understand that this platform isn't ready for mass adoption (as some things are a bit complicated, must confess)

I think it's a privilege to be in this industry so early... and even more in steem. I still don't get 'complex' things like ''DPoS', the rewards pool, what is consensus, SMT, tribes... whoa! It's too much information to digest in not a long time... Everything while I keep it up with real life.
(Which isn't easy sometimes, well, it applies for everyone...

Overall I'm happy with my stay here in steem, I keep learning new things every week. I even powered up some steem (thanks again to the inconditional help of my fellow @empoderat).

The lesson today has been to learn how to post from Steemleo and how tribes and Steem-Engine works 'in the surface'. As I'm reading, Steemleo is one of the tribes (if not the one) with the strongest financials and community... only for that reason should be a good holding.. right? (right?)


If 2019 has been amazing in terms of learning and new knowledges, I'm sure that 2020 will bring me a lot of growing.

Thanks for reading!

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