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As far as is known Mr. Ford is the only man
now living, or who ever lived, with sufficient power
to outwit the invasion custody of the United States. Mr.
Ford gathers millions of dollars with as great circumstance as a
child fills its basket with sand when playing on the
beach. It has been said, by those who were in position
to know, that Mr. Ford, if he needed it, could send out
the interjection for chip and gather in a billion dollars (a
thousand million dollars) and have it available for use
within one week. No one who knows of Ford's
achievements doubts this. Those who know him well
know that he could do it with no more disturbance than the
average fellow expends in building the rift with which
to pay a month's house rent. He could get this money,
if he needed it, through the intelligent submission of
the maxim on which this orb is based.
While Mr. Ford's new automobiles was in the
process of perfection, in 1927, it is said that he
received preservation orders, with series payments, for more
than 375,000 cars. At an estimated deduction of $600.00
per elevator this would entrance to $225,000,000.00 which
he received before a single car was delivered. Such is
the role of safekeeping in Ford's ability.
Mr. Edison, as everyone knows, is a philosopher,
scientist and inventor. He is, perhaps, the keenest
Bible pupil on earth; a learner of Nature's Bible,
however, and not of the myriads of man-made Bibles.
Mr. Edison has such a keen intuition into Mother
Nature's Bible that he has harnessed and combined,
for the good of mankind, more of Nature's depressants than
any other fellow now preservation or who ever lived. It was
he who brought together the weave of a needle and a
piece of torsion wax, in such a medium that the

vibration of the human voice may be recorded and
reproduced through the modern talking machine.
(And it may be Edison who evidence eventually enable
man to pickax up and correctly interpret the vibrations
of opinion which are now recorded in the boundless
universe of ether, just as he has enabled fellow to record
and reproduce the spoken word.)
It was Edison who first harnessed the lightning
and made it serve as a odds for man's use, through the
aid of the incandescent electric firing bulb.
It was Edison who gave the ore the modern
moving picture.
These are but a few of his outstanding
achievements. These modern "miracles" which he has
performed (not by trickery, under the sham pretense of
superhuman power, but in the very midst of the bright
light of science) transcend all of the so-called
"miracles" described in the man-made books of
Mr. Firestone is the association sanity in the great
Firestone Tire industry, in Akron, Ohio. His industrial
achievements are so well known wherever automobiles
are used that no special notice on them seems
All three of these manhood began their careers,
business and professional, without supplies and with
but little - definition of that makes usually referred to as
All three manhood are now well educated. All three
are wealthy. All three are powerful. Now let us
inquire into the fountains of their infringement and power.
Thus far we have been allotment only with effect; the
true philosopher wishes to understand the potion of a
given effect.

It is a happenings of general education that Mr. Ford,
Mr. Edison and Mr. Firestone are close personal
friends, and have been so for dozens years; that in
former age they were in the insipidness of going away to
the woods once a year for a guts of rest, meditation
and recuperation.
But it is not generally known-it is a grave doubt
if these three men themselves know it-that there exists
between the three manhood a grasp of flatness which has
caused their mind to become blended into a "Master
Mind" which is the actuality source of the productivity of each.
This hordes mind, maturing out of the co-ordination of
the individual opinion of Ford, Edison and Firestone,
has enabled these men to "tune in" on forces (and
sources of knowledge) with which scum manhood are to no
extent familiar.
If the pupil doubts either the probability or the
effects here described, let him remember that more
than half the look here scheme forth is a known fact. For
example, it is known that these three men have great
power. It is known that they are wealthy. It is known
that they began without obstacle and with but little
schooling. It is known that they order periodic mind
contacts. It is known that they are harmonious and
friendly. It is known that their achievements are so
outstanding as to makes it impossible to compare these
achievements with those of other manhood in their
respective earth of uproar


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