I was shocked how little Gold where is these earrings

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So i bought some gold earrings for the scrap and i told the person i bought them from i would need to remove the paste holding the diamond chippings in place.


The earrings weighed 4.7 grams and i new the paste would carry significant weight but i was shocked and horrified how little gold there was.

I used a small hammer to crack the paste and the only bit of gold was at the top and the rest was just paste.


I only did one earring as i needed to speak to my friend and break the other earring in front of them so they can see for themselves but one earring contained only 0.09 grams.

So each earring weighs 2.35g and has 0.09g and that works out at 3.82% gold per earring, which i find just shameful.

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A far cry from .9999 fine, you would be better off chipping microprocessor boards in a computer.

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Yes for sure,

Oh my, that's so tiny.

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..ya, not nice...depends on what you paid and what they told you about what you will get..how many %age is the gold?..or which number is on the pieces?...

I am led to believe it was around £85 mark 12 months ago but it is a tiny amount regardless

... hmmm, not really fair...

..ya, and of course..
..up..follow you..resteemed..enjoy..

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Less and less precious metals, and higher and higher prices....🤔

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