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Hello reader, a lot of things baffle me when it comes to cryptocurrencies but what baffles me most about it is the opportunity it presents to people to be part owners of a great system from scratch, that is from 0.

When I look at the cryptosphere, let's take the coinmarketcap for example, it is a platform we all like to disagree with based on their ranking algorithm, but let's face it, coin market cap offers the entire cryptosphere the most robust token historical data, charts and statistics.

Looking at the long list of cryptocurrencies available on that platform is tentamount to looking at a long list of projects that have the potential to massively impact the world and is also tentamount to looking at a long list of opportunities for people to become a part of something great that will be financially beneficial long term.

Although this is also possible in a way through IPO's that do not require cryptocurrencies, the setbacks for IPO's is that they are not as openly inclusive as ICO's where anybody could participate.

Looking at the first 10 cryptocurrencies on the coin market cap list, especially the ones worth double or tripple digit in value, when we realise that they all started from a value of 0, then we can see how much ROI some of them have generated for their early investors who bought the coin and held long term.

A fair example I like to model here is the Binance coin, BNB, which has generated a ROI of 9000% if purchased at the time of launch. How about Bitcoin or Ethereum? Just due to the fact that a number of investors had access to the information at the inception of the project and took pragmatic actions, many of them have transformed their finances in the millions, thousands or even hundreds.


BNB July 25 2017 : $0.115
BNB at time of writing $20.2

One of the most important advantages of being an early adopter of a crypto project is that the value of some of the coins will never go back to 0 once it picks up based on normal circumstances.

If we take a look at the coins already on coinmarket cap, it is hard to find working projects with their coins at 0 and is revolutionary enough to cause a massive impact in the world and turn around the state of anyone's finance in the averagely long run compared to the already established ones.

Are we then to say the ship of financial transformation has sailed away? No, and here's why.

Looking at the historic data of Steem, we have a totally different perspective, though a revolutionary project, has only so far generated a negative ROI of -76% if purchased at the time of launch and left till now, after reaching an ATH of 8.5$ on 3 January 2018 . However, what Steem offers supercedes what its present price says about it.

Steem has shown itself to be a gateway through which other projects have the potential to generate tremendous record of ROI irrespective of external markets trends, even in the worst bear market the world has ever seen, ask Steemmonsters n.k.a Splinterlands as long as they apply proper business algorithm...


Splinterlands marketcap at the time of writing this post $3,690,892
Date of launch : March 2018

Steem being the most undervalued undiscovered coin in the cryptosphere, it is positioned to be for people a financial game changer as long as they choose to see its current value as a giveaway price and an opportunity rather than a waste of time.

When SMT's launch and Steem's ICO feature becomes available to the people, we will see another era where a myriad of new projects have that same ability to be game changers in the world of crypto and finance, we see this already happening with the Tribes on Steem Engine.

When I think of Steemleo What comes to my mind is Binance, but an advanced Binance that offers more than trading, an exchange and a incubator for projects, but also offers a community particular about investment related topics, with its own internal economy. In retrospect, with Steemleo, history is in position to repeat itself. Its definately too early to make conclusions but its fun to think about.


Present price of 1Leo: 0.19steem


When we take a critical look into what Steem offers, we can see that it supercedes what its price presently says its worth. Another thing that is overlooked is the fact that to participate in the ICO's on Steem, the interested participant has to purchase Steem, however majority of us also know that Steem can be earned, talk about being all inclusive.

Will Steem be that ship of financial transformation? If you think it is, what's your present position? If you think its not, then why are you here? If Ethereum or Bitcoin were to start again from 0 where only a fraction of people know about it, how many will you endeavour to acquire and hodl?

A lot of things baffle me when it comes to cryptocurrencies but what baffles me most about it is the opportunity it presents to people to be part owners of a great system from scratch, that is from 0.

Thanks for reading.


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Verry good your post

Thank you

Good to read you've kept your optimism. Nice evening to you.

And beautiful evening to you too my man. I'm glad too, I've also been studying a lot and seeing things, there's so much to share...

Seeing things? Well, hope to hear from you then, when you got that "golden tip". lol

Good post, understand what your saying about Steem and Steemleo, I believe they are both going to be successful.

Thank you @shortsegments, the fact the prices are in 0 right now is a giveaway price, its an opportunity....

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