Elon Musk is scamming people?

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Of course not, but I do have to say this new scam is quite effective. If you are like me, and you like to watch videos about tech and such, there's a really good chance that the "official Elon Musk" channel has been suggested to you. I'll save you the research and tell you that your skepticism should be kicking in at this point.

Live Stream

The stream has chat and comments completely disabled and that, my friends, is by design. They don't want anyone outing the scammers behind "the event". If you do, however, visit Elon on twitter, you can clearly see that there's not a single event going on, and that it's just a new scam on the interwebs.

The description of the video sends you to what appears to be a medium article, but even that is not true. The website is designed to look like medium, and if you click on the "get free BTC" the whole sham is revealed.


The ol' send some ETH/BTC and double your coins fiasco.


It almost goes without saying. Don't send a thing to these addresses and if you can, do your part and report the scam to youtube. It's the way they are getting traffic for a few days now.


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These are gonna become the new norm.

It's an element of the bull markets

Oh yeah! Same as random friends you haven't talked to in some time texting you to let you in on this awesome new ICO/Coin that's definitely going to 1000x.

I should send some money to that nigerian prince also.

Hello, this is Nigerian Prince, I'm modern and accept Steem.

hey sir
pls help..

How dare you say such thing about my friend Elon ?

dood bro