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There is both a crypto crash and stock market crash happening at the same time. I am a bit surprise with the crypto crash since I had always believed it is more of a safe haven area of investment when stocks are volatile. Anyways the US markets and for the global markets in general we have significant reds in futures trading. In the morning when trading begins the US market will likely be in the red.
If in fact it is too far in the red there will be "circuit breakers" activating to stop the exchange from trading. Specifically to the US market we have the S&P rules broken into three levels:

First Level Breach

During trading hours if the S&P declines 7% decline from the prior day’s close it will be a level one breach, where trading is halted for 15 minutes. However, if the 7% decline is reached at or after 3:25 p.m. ET, it would not halt trading.

Second Level Breach

Once 15 minutes is up after first level breach and the S&P 500 declines to 13% from the prior day's close it will be halted from trading for 15-minutes. However, if the 13% decline is reach at or after 3:25 p.m. ET then it would not halt trading.

Third Level Breach

If after second level breach and S&P continue to drop to 20% for the prior day's close then trading is halted.

In times like this it is best to do nothing if one is not familiar with the current market conditions. There is a lot of fear right now in the markets and it is during this time where people who want to sell will be competing for lower and lower prices. No an ideal point to sell, and as a matter of fact maybe a good point to start looking long positions. Stay safe out there.

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