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RE: MY VERY FIRST TRIP TO SWITZERLAND - one of the most crypto and blockchain friendly place on the planet earth

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We know that you're a busy man, Piotr, and most of us realize that you are also a very AMBITIOUS man. So, of course, we forgive you if you happen to be out of touch every now and then.

It seems like your trip to Switzerland was promising, maybe even fruitful.

As for explaining STEEM POWER (SP) and the concept of POWERING UP, not to mention the DELEGATION of SP, that might be a bit difficult at times. Even after I joined Steemit, it took me several months before I understood those various points.

So, I'd say that, whenever you have to explain them to a newbie, the best one can do is to make some simple analogies to clarify them in user-friendly terms, and to add that the newbies will come to understand more once they join the platform.


Hi @majes.tytyty

Appreciate your supportive comment :)

most of us realize that you are also a very AMBITIOUS man

Interesting that you see it this way. I don't really have huge ambitions. I just simply love what I'm doing here and initiatives like @project.hope give me sens of belonging. Sense of purpose. Anyway thank you for your forgiveness ;)

And indeed, this trip is very promissing. However I'm not yet completely sure if I will secure that position. Right now things are going right direction, however I'm still afraid that it may take a very long time before regulatory framework will be ready and launching mentioned STO will be possible.

Many things can change in meantime (life is unpredictable). I'm also a bit concerned that I may have to move to Switzerland at some point (it's bloody expensive out there).

Yours, Piotr

Well, among my people there is a phrase that is used to indicate having "a healthy ambition", which implies that the person is doing things that are good for their development and that also provide benefits for other people who need this person.

Thus, who has that kind of ambition, does not seek achievements or results for strictly personal reasons, but for motivations that are very mixed with the altruistic sense that encourages them to act.

Thanks, @pedrobrito2004. Your definition clarifies exactly what I meant when I said that Piotr is "ambitious."

From now on, I'll think of him as "healthily ambitious." ☺

You're Welcome @majes.tytyty !