Are you in the business of making money?

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Not all businesses yields profit or should I say not all businesses that is being set up have making money as part of their agendum. Take for example, some government establishments are just their to provide employement for the nation with no strings attached i.e making money. They are built on the notion of employment creation and many run on losses with most of this establishments considering a break-even as a reward.

Establishments like steem are in the business to acquire profits, that is making money. Most crypto-currency establishment if not all are all in for the same reason and don't be fooled in which ever way they quote it. Although one of their of priority is providing an environment of self governance and eliminating the heavy reliance on Government. It's safe to say that steemit depends on steem as the only currency needed to operate within the platform.

And their is, an establishment under the steemit network. Steemit could be seen as the parent company to sportstalksocial as it gives it an umbrella to operate on, not forgetting that it's whole existence depends on steem. We know that sportstalk is all about sports and it houses sports personnel like myself and others.

Now my business operating as a user of the sportstalksocial network is profit maximazation I.e money making. Having invested in some sports token through which was paid for by Steem, I know my focus should be on making more steem but not forgetting that we still owe the sportstalksocial platform a due of dishing out quality posts.

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