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had a nice chat with David Roebuck (new Roy) and then 12 hours later got a block from JS on Twitter

The first time we were fooled by Justin Sun is when he first came into the picture. Right after the acquisition of Steemit, Inc. from Ned Scott.

At first, it seemed like we could be a happy marriage. Steem had (and still has) amazing technology, usable dApps that add value to our lives, a lively number of talented devs and most importantly an incredible community.

What Steem lacked is marketing and a voice. A public image that mattered in the crypto space and someone who could hype us up to the general public. After all, if you build it, they will not come. You need to both build it AND get people to come over and be curious enough to poke and prod until they figure out how to use it.

Justin Sun is a hype man. He’s built an entire marketing machine around himself and his brand and he has thus far been able to make millions of dollars from that machine as he acquires businesses and hypes the shit out of them.

With all of this hype comes a controversial reputation. Before this acquisition business, I was skeptical of Justin Sun. I never went near Tron because I knew that it was a centralized shit show.

Directly after, Justin Sun had said some stuff along the lines of “I’ll let you guys develop and I’ll just bring in more money and more resources to make this blockchain better”

Less than 24 Horus after that statement came a whole slew of marketing propaganda about how Justin was going to migrate the “Steemit blockchain” (which doesn’t actually exist, by the way) into the Tron blockchain and take all the dApps and even the token (STEEM) with it. This threw our blockchain (Steem) into a frenzy.

I’ve been here for over 3 and a half years. I know many others with similar time spent on this chain — I’m reminiscing to my days playing WoW when I would type /played and see all those hours I’ve racked up — we’ve put time, money, blood, sweat and tears into this blockchain. Many of us call this our digital home.

This Justin guy walks in here promising that he has good intentions and then turns around and pulls a PR stunt aimed at coercing us to move to his self-proclaimed shitcoin (yes, there is a video where he literally says “buy my shitcoin” in direct reference to TRX).

So He Fooled Us Once

Yeah, he fooled us once. He came under the guise of friendship while he simultaneously went behind our backs to deviously undermine what we have built over the past several years of our lives.

Of course, the witnesses and stakeholders of Steem didn’t take this kind of two-faced maneuver lightly. They froze Steemit Inc’s Stake so that we could remove Justin off his high horse long enough to have a conversation about what exactly he wanted to do. After all, in one message he said that there was no token swap and then 2 hours later there was another tweet about the upcoming token swap.

You don’t negotiate with crack head who has a loaded gun… you disarm them and try to calm them down long enough to have a rational conversation. That’s what the witnesses did with soft fork 22.2.

Fool Us Twice. 3x. 5x. 10x.

Fooling us once is one story, then he fooled us again with more lies and again and again and again and again and again. Oh and again.

At this point, I’ve lost count of how many time Justin Sun (or one of the sock puppets that works for him) has said one thing and done the exact opposite thing within the following 24 hours of stating that they wouldn’t do that thing.

Then we saw the open letter that he posted on Steemit (and subsequently “deleted” — which is funny because he thought he could delete a post on the blockchain..) in which he posed an interesting question ”do you like Justin Sun or you just want to fuck him?”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially dealing with a psychopath

That open letter was when I finally understood what we were dealing with. A full blown psychopath. A crybaby with a big bank account.

The Steem Community Retaliates

The Steem community doesn’t take this shit lightly. We don’t just sit down and take bullshit. Not from Ned. Not from Justin Sun. Nobody.

The voting on witnesses is frontlines of this war and the war is raging. Day and night. 24/7/365. I don’t see any end to it in the near future.

A lot of people are wondering where we’re headed from here.

  • Do we stay on Steem and let Justin take control?
  • Do we continue to fight and take back the reins?
  • Do we fork to a sister chain?
  • Some mix of the above?
  • Options e, f or g that we don’t know about yet?

The real answer is that it’s hard to say. With someone as volatile and non-rational as Justin Sun being our opponent, I have no idea what I will wake up to in the morning tomorrow. There’s something that is both scary and intoxicating about that statement. It’s scary in the sense that I don’t want to lose this blockchain to an idiot like JS and its intoxicating in the sense that we have a front-row seat to one of the greatest battles of all time in blockchain, DPoS and crypto history.

The only thing that I know for sure and honestly the thing that keeps me going is this:

The Steem community is strong and we do not belong to any place. It’s like that scene from Thor when Odin proclaims "Asgard is not a place, it is a people.”

The Steem that we know and love — the community. The dApps. The blogging. The creators. The friendships. The discord groups. — is not going to disappear.

I believe that we have a fighting chance to take back our home chain but I simultaneously know that even if we lose that fight, we win in the end. Because we are Steemians.


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I agree completely. This is a giant experiment. It is appealing to watch in hopes of a Steem victory. That said, we also have the opportunity to fix shortcomings in the governance model and show how strong community is.

McAfee is right, you can purchase a company but you cant purchase a community.

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Eh ... he try to fool us 10 times now ... me at least will never belive a word from this guy ever

A full blown psychopath. A crybaby with a big bank account.


A lot of my issues with him stem from his words not matching up with his actions, and his clear want/need for the community to pay attention to him AND like him. I think you're spot on with 'A crybaby with a big bank account.'

Have you tried WoW Classic btw?

As I watch people at home panic buy its the same behaviour. Base, animal, uncivilized fucking greed and assholery.

steemit keeps growing

The problem is that people don't believe in this:

A full blown psychopath. A crybaby with a big bank account.

because the premisse is unbelievable as people think that every rich guy has to be smart, inteligent and a good man... Well, I don't think so... And, actually, I think that those things are rarely in a connection...

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