My Precious Metals Catalog #2 | Scrap 90% Silver Washington Quarters

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I'm taking the time to document some of the precious metals I have collected. Among these are junk silver coins.

These particular coins are Washington Quarters, of which I have 45. These coins were minted between 1932 and 1964. The obverse side has has had the same bust of Washington since 1932 until present day. The reverse side had the eagle design until it was replaced by the state commemorative designs in 1999. Like the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, they are also 90% silver, and 10% copper. Each one has about 6.25 grams of silver. Given their condition, they are considered for their melt value alone, which is currently about $3.27[src]. Altogether, this small hoard is worth $147.15 at today's prices.

Given how worn these coins are, I can only imagine some of the pockets they were in while in circulation. If and when they are ever melted down for their silver content, it will be a bittersweet day. These coins were minted during the time of World War II, the Korean War, and saw the first half of the Vietnam War. Even in 1964, they had the same purchasing power as $2.09 in today's money[src].



Portions Adapted From The Previous Post

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That reminds me of our coin collection. I encourage people to hold onto some of their coins. Someday, the dollar may die. Yet, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, rare minerals, land, gold, silver, water, sunlight, hold value that can last longer. Someday, some of these coins may become even more rare than they are now. Say, possibly in as little as ten years from now.

I agree. Thanks for dropping by!

I used to collect coins, but not silver coins.
Coins from other countries, coins issued on the anniversary.
I still have them.

Nice. I also collect currency from countries I visit as well. More for souvenir than investment.

I also collected not for investment, I was just interested, I liked it and therefore I wanted to have them.
Some coins and paper money were stolen from me when I was still a teenager, they were very old from imperial times :-(((
I still have postage stamps (a lot). There is even a postage stamps of a country that is no longer.
There are 2 newspapers of 1913 and 1914.
And I have no idea if they have any value or not.
And there is also a small collection of semiprecious stones.

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