Consumerism And Spending From A Strange Point of View

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Sometimes it's often good to use white propaganda when either repackaging or rebranding or even reshaping a product, I use to remember buying fanta in 2001 it has this oblong bottle with the a really rough edge. However the bright yellow colors of the content of fanta was mostly the reason why I bought fanta in general, Pepsi and Coca Cola generally had a better bottle, but there was this things with kids back in the days, 95% consumed fanta this was strange because Coca Cola as at then had like seven cubes of sugar inside of it far more than fanta ever heard, but there was this unexplained consumerism behind fanta despite not really coming with a cool packaging and it made children stick to the consumption of fanta more than adult. infact when you see and adult spending money to buy fanta, there is this notion that he's buying it because of his kids and 85% of times this is often really correct.

So first I didn't see fanta make an attempt to repackage in the early 2001, infact there was nothing like PR and also they didn't involve in sales promotion or other promotional mix and why is this? There was this strange consumerism of fanta that even gave Coca Cola and Pepsi a run for their money I guess this was majorly the reason why fanta came in the same bottle for a really long time, their sales were fine and they maintained a top position over other carbonated drinks like. * Mountain dew, 7,up Sprite* so I began to imagine, would this have happen nowadays where content is more 30% and advertising is 70%?, The goal nowadays is to shove a product down the throat of a prospective buyer through constant advertising or media publicity Which is really effective as a result of commercials, which sometimes persuaded a buyer to buy because of advertising rather than because of quality.

In earnest, fanta got into a saturation stage eventually, and I knew they would, many brand churned and invested money into advertising and the fact that they hated the gut of fanta even made them pass around a propaganda that fanta's use of saccharine is toxic to the health and even as a 12 year old who consumed fanta a lot, I lost the urge for it. You see sometimes there's something that always makes you lose your sense of strange consumerism it could be coming of age or other similar product with better or more refined taste are coming to the market, it could be overall tiredness from consuming for a long period of time without have to shift focus. So if a brand doesn't improve the taste of their product, there's this stage where diminishing returns always sets in and this matt force a brand into saturation or decline.

Eventually fanta came up with something better during their decline, but this was "only", read again, "only" because they needed to compete again in the Nigerian market,, Truth is that nowadays your sole interest alone shouldn't be about production alone, else a brand will go into extinction faster than they know. So in 2012 I noticed a new change to fanta, better rotound bottle, new improved shape, but believe me fanta never made it back into the spotlight and why is this? This is because while they were in the decline, the market was taken already and as for me, it was a brand called BIGI they had a variant of fanta, coca cola, Pepsi and even orange flavor and this was one of the major reason why fanta never got back to the top. In essence strange consumerism might just be for a mundane reason which is unexplainable, sometimes we don't even like a product that much but we consume it for a reason we don't understand this is strange consumerism and if a brand it often reliant on this to sell they might not last that long in the market.

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