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As far as crypto investments go, or any investments for that matter, STEEM is definitely one of the most unique opportunities out there. Can you read your newspaper and then let them know that you liked a few articles, and be given a payment just for liking them. Or watch a TV show, click an upvote to not only reward the makers of that show, but also receive a roughly equal reward yourself.


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Earn just for reading stuff.

Investing in STEEM gives you an opportunity to influence where newly created STEEM gets allocated. Simply put, once you have some STEEM power, all you have to do is read some posts, drop a vote on those posts. A reward will be allocated based on how much influence you have (How much STEEM you have staked) and in 7 days, the author of the post will get half that reward, and you will get the other half.

Lets look at some maths... Don't freak out about the numbers I use, they just made the math easier but it works for any level of STEEM

  • Lets say you like the idea of being payed to read stuff, and vote what you like.
  • STEEM is cheap currently, so you decide to buy 100,000 STEEM. This would cost around $17,000 USD
  • This amount of STEEM, staked as Steem Power (SP) would give a vote value currently of around $1.21
  • You can vote 10 times a day (its more actually as you can split you vote into smaller chunks)
  • That means you can allocate $12.10 per day.
  • You will receive roughly 1/2 of that - $6.05 - as "curation payment"
  • That works out to be $2208.25 per annum (if you keep the payouts staked, this will compound and grow higher in time, depending on the price of STEEM)
  • Add to that SP earns a passive ROI (interest payment) of around 2.25% - $382.50 in USD terms.
  • Not including a number of other ways to earn from STEEM investments, that is $2,590.75 per annum (roughly 15%)

In this example, all you have done is invest, stake and vote 10 posts per day. It doesn't factor in any rewards you may get for comments you may make, (some may receive votes also) or posts you make. Nor does it include any increase in the price of STEEM (which I consider likely as it is historically cheap at the moment)

Did you think STEEM was just for content creators?

Now, more than ever, investors and curators are being handsomely rewarded for holding SP, and using their influence to direct the flow of rewards (half to themselves, half to the content creators). In the past, lots of people came to STEEM to try and make some money by creating content. Most struggled to gain ground and find an audience to make this dream a reality, and some learnt to game the system to benefit themselves from lower quality work.

The dynamics have changed, and after a major overhaul, it is more than possible to find interesting articles to read and earn just by curating others work, without having the pressure of regularly creating your own interesting blog posts. This is a game changer for STEEM, and creates a great opportunity.

Find a Niche you are interested in.

The other game changer has been the introduction of tribes to STEEM. This is a new way of segmenting the posts into more specific topics, and communities can have their own reward system in addition to the STEEM rewards. Many of these have popped up in the last couple of months, making it easier than ever to find posts that will interest you.

  • Steemleo - a community for all sorts of investment related topics and discussions.
  • CreativeCoin - A home for all sorts of creativity - art, music, fiction and many other pursuits.
  • Sportstalk Social - A place to come and read a variety of Sport related posts.
  • Palnet - A general purpose community with the goals of Peace, Abundance and Liberty.
  • Lifestyle - A place to get away from the heavier topics and talk about some lighter subjects)

There is heaps more, but this gives a small selection. All of these communities are on STEEM, and have additional tokens as well. This just adds to the ways you can earn from reading, and voting interesting and quality posts.

#steem has changed, maybe its time to take a look at the #newsteem and see what is possible.

This post is not intended as financial advice, or a guarantee of earnings. The value of STEEM could go either way, do your own research.


I like how you presented the new opportunities for content consumers on Steem, hopefully we could have more people interested in investing on this platform.

Thank you, I think it is worthwhile creating posts occasionally aimed off platform to hopefully capture someone's attention and get people looking at STEEM.

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Great writeup ... don't forget to add a platform!

Thank you, looking into travelfeed is on my to do list.

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I was thinking about this just yesterday. Also you can use brave browser to earn rewards (BAT) by watching a few ads while making money reading (STEEM). Now imagine brave browser with rewards functionality rolled out across mobile OSs and then I can do all this on my commute to work. And don’t forget the steps adding up walking to and from the train station (AFIT). Winning!

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Yes, there are so many angles and opportunities. I can't wait till steemmonsters bring their mobile app as well, then I can play a game and earn crypto on my lunch break at work.

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This is a great explanation of how the basics of steem works👍

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Thanks mate, not everyone needs to be a content creator, many other ways to participate these days.

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I think we're treading a very fine line... if content creators don't feel like they're getting rewarded well enough for their work, there will be nothing interesting for the investors to vote for. 😣

Oh, and let's not forget that $17000 invested in Steem during 2018 would be worth around $700 today. The math you present didn't take that into consideration. 😂

Thanks for your article!

Both very fair points.

  1. With the bot business taking a hit, there is V.P. being used to manually curate at the moment that would have been sold prior to the HF. I think that the jury is still out on how that will all play out.

  2. Very true, no argument it is a risk. I also didn't mention that 17,000 now would be $340,000 if STEEM returns to the levels you mentioned.

If more people join with stake to manually curate, that would benefit content producers in the long run I think?

Thanks for your views, always appreciated.

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