Earn money by Netbox Browser

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Introducing Netbox Browser Get paid to browse

Now you can earn money by browsing , An amazing browser baked by crypto currency allow you to browse and earn reward for your daily activity , Token name NBX Netbox browser easy to install resemble to chrome , Support all kind of extension.
There are 2 ways of making money in Netbox . The current market supply for NBX coin is very low and a very stable coin in market, The price of NBX coin is just 220 satoshi and its stable very low sell volume , easy to pump this coin with some dollars.
THe best thing of netbox browser that is you not only earn from being active. You can also earn reward for staking , Stake browser by buying some nbx coin and stake them direct into browser , you can earn 5% money from your staked coin.
The best part of staking in Netbox is that if you stake NBX coin and want o unstake next day you will no need to wait for months to withdraw them you can withdraw them instantly .
CUrrently you can buy NBX token from = https://p2pb2b.io/trade
Download browser from = https://netbox.global/r/rkpgp

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