INSOLAR - XNS (old INS on ETH) - My quick view!

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Note: They are claiming to be the most scalable public blockchain to date basically!

I had high hopes for hype!

But this way above of what I had forecast. Does sound like many things, but I would never fall for this hype. Really 19500 TPS? Where? There are 11 nodes and 0 TPS reported by the explorer! 365 transactions! LOL


Comparing max predicted on a testnet that never even reached those maximums with realistic cases (like the EOS.IO) is really bad marketing. Or signs of desperation... 😜


The argument...

Or lets rather say, the table that does not really offer the reality of what currently is real real... because until they publicly reach the numbers they can say what they can, but this is dubious information for me.


At this point EOS people are laughing if not already stopped reading my post. With so much nonsense and little public facts.

I have done the experiment (anyway)

Created a wallet (not bad experience at all I can tell you that... that was a "nice to have" in fact), then I got myself some INS and transferred to the migration address to test things out.


Some minutes later (not even reached 60 minutes as they advertise it can take), the wallet updated. Then the conversion is supposed to happen slowly... hopefully this is not what they say it can take up to 60 minutes.

I haven't done any investigation about a possible reason for this slow release, but I am guessing the main objective would be to control prices and dumps. Slowly taking care of the swap, which I kind of like the idea anyway.

That part looks logical.


What's next?

I was expecting stuff related to the SOLAR energy which was what kept me motivated and interested in the chain. But so far, nothing or really not much concrete. At least to public investors... maybe behind the scenes there are a huge lobby. And I would understand some of those reasons, but please... don't be like Facebook... that claims to know how to know how things work and then splashes all over the place...

High risks, high stakes...

But sometimes also huge falls... the best I would have to advise to businesses that think they can understand crypto, just because they have a couple of nerds in the package is: Don't!

They don't know everything like I don't know everything, and on crypto... that is really hard to accomplish in a spectrum of all available technologies. Even for the most knowledgeable ones (and I am not one of them).

Let's see!

I am not saying that INSOLAR is going to be a failure ok? Just that with some of experience along the years, smelling to good, can be evident... not because it can't be done, but because if you fail too much on small stuff, you end up loosing credibility and loosing investors, or for all its worth, never even start!

What you think about INSOLAR and do you have another preferred "Energy" based blockchain venture you like and find more attractive to invest in? If so, please let me know. I would very much would like to know about it.

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Yesterday I missed a very important detail on the "how long" it will take to release all the XNS... it's just 3 years! SO, make sure you understand that.