STEEMleo: A Great Cryptocurrency Community And Tribe (Also A Place To Avoid Censorship By Downvoting!) :D

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Nota en Español: Si te gustan las criptomonedas deberías probar esta plataforma. Por cierto ((( @steemcleaner y @steemcleaners ))) me están censurando. Los beneficios de las nuevas comunidades harán que SteemIt crezca mucho mas; me gusta mucho esta plataforma.

-Well as it is my first post in this community and I also love this tribe I do not believe I need to introduce myself; I love Ethereum (ETH), EOS, STEEM, PocketNet, Minds Tokens, LBRY Credits, Dogecoin (DOGE), Monero (XMR) and many other cryptocurrencies. This community is great and well I believe it will be one of the most popular ones in SteemIt. The platform has been growing exponentially in quality; now we just need a good marketing team and new users. Voice, BitChute, Brighteon, FLOTE, Voat, Gab, PocketNet, Minds, LBRY, BitTube and others are competitors; so let´s make sure that we grow! I am constantly being censored by bots now sadly; I will start exposing and probably releasing information of these account; the Zionist pigs of ((( @steemcleaner and @steemcleaner ))). I love you all, I'm out. Upvote, resteem and spread this post with your friends. To make SteemIt popular we need to start sharing links of articles we find here with people around us. :D

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