SteemLeo: Dashboard?

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How long has this been a thing?

Am I taking crazy pills?
I'm pretty oblivious most of the time.

Just another example

of the crazy rapid prototyping that SteemEngine and SteemLeo are up to. I mean, it isn't much, but when's the last time you saw Steemit do anything like this? The last thing I remember was changing flags to downvotes, and that's not even close to this display.

Just a friendly reminder that all frontends can pretty much display blockchain information however they want. Be prepared to see massively diversified applications in the future that organize the information in ways that were never before imagined!

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Yikes! You caught us before we fixed the bugs 🙈

It’s only been there for 1 day. We’re just waiting to say anything about it till some of the kinks are worked out.

If you’ve got any suggestions, you’re now an unofficial beta tester. Lemme know here or on discord ;)

lol, not-taking-crazy-pills confirmed.

Good to know.

I'll give this some thought while I'm at work...

Hahaha can confirm

I have been pushing for pretty much this for over two years. I even made a condenser suggestion through utopian for it. yay.

haha awesome! I've been looking for something similar as well.. The general idea is a "hub" for everything you do on SteemLeo.

If you've got any ideas for future additions, data to show in the scrolling boxes at the top, etc. let me know and I'll try to get them integrated :)

One idea I have is tooltips that can be toggled on and off to show new (or even some existing) users how to do various things and what each action means. I imagine a video game style tooltip system where it highlights the upvote button, for example, and teaches a user exactly what pressing that button means. Anything is possible!

I tihnk tool tips would be great for new users as well as expanding the narrow set of existing. integrating them into the interface would be a soft learning experience. Would also be nice to have it in some kind of overlay that can be toggled on and off and then it could also be used for announcing and training for new features. A little notification of "Feature added" and then the tool tip of what, where and how the feature works.

Thats seems cool. This will differentiate steem leo from the rest of the tribe and even steemit.

Am very optimistic on steem leo project, expecting to see it live soon.

Are you talking about the display on top of the steemleo interface? That's something sweet to behold my goodness!

I haven’t seen this before. But I will check it out now.

What'd ya think? Anything you'd like to see added to it or changed?

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Better than everything steemit ever done.

SteemLeo is awesome!

Sweet :)