No Longer Powering Up Steemleo

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Been playing it fast and loose,

with my powerups.

Thought I could get away with continuing to power up 100% of my earnings while the trading ratio was around 0.2.


As someone who wants to sell a couple thousand coins at around the 0.5 level, I can no longer to continue to power up. All the liquidity has melted away.


This has seriously gotten out of control. Honestly I need to be monitoring Steemleo liquidity with my own custom scripts. I haven't programmed them yet but it actually should be pretty easy.

Doesn't look like there is a lot of demand either way, and I've heard that the network automatically cancels orders after a month, which may be why this volatility has been so pronounced. However, in the spirit of playing it safe, every major stake holder should have liquid coins and be willing to sell to those looking to acquire more influence around these levels.

As someone with 35k coins, I arguably shouldn't power up anything more than I already have. I practically own 1/100th of the entire network, and decentralization demands that ratio be decreased over time. That's what's best for the platform. It's not a matter of ROI, that's for sure. Otherwise I'd probably hoard everything for like another year.

I hope that new users come to SteemLeo and start providing more value to the platform than the rest of us scrubs who are already here. It would be nice for inflation to start getting distributed to folks who are actually bringing significant value while not having a lot of stake. The lion's share of inflation currently goes to all the top stake holders; the ultimate circle you-know-what.

Fantasy Bitcoin

Speaking of value, Steemleo absolutely needs this; a way to gamble on the Bitcoin market competitively while encouraging Swarm Intelligence.


Have you heard of Swarm Intelligence?

That's where you start making tactical decisions based on the will of the mob (or even a small elite group). Could you imagine how crazy it would be if we started trading Bitcoin collectively as a community? I swear it wouldn't even be that hard to implement. God bless all these plug and play building blocks.

Beep boop beep!

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We would definitely love to see new people around here and distribute LEO tokens to worthy individuals.

Well mate, I follow the 80% - 20% rule. Powering up 80% of my earning and sell 20%. Strictly.

Good rule.

Having a plan is almost always better than playing it by ear.

Tbh I am only doing this with LEO because I really believe that it could match steem's price or even go higher. Sounds crazy I know...

Anyway this rule helped me grow...which was what I was trying to do in the first place. If people shared the same mindset regarding Steem...probably there wouldn't be around 95 million coins in the exchanges and the price would be sitting a bit higher...but that's just me...

When you say "match steem's price"... do you mean trade 1:1?

Or do you mean they might have the same market cap?

Leo coins would be worth like 100 times more than Steem if the latter was true.

Hard to even get close to Steem's market cap value since the LEO tokens issued thus far are like 60x less.

But I wouldn't be surprised if they trade 1:1 in a while

The Steemleo airdrop really was amazing...
we are just starting to see that now.

Look at where palnet is comparatively.
We targeted holders in a focused environment;
quite the solid foundation.

That! I remember saying that it might be too niche for the Steem environment...yet it seems that it was exactly what we needed most.

Sounds likely to me. Steemleo is way nicer than Steemit and Steemleo has some real investors.

Well I am biased towards LEO too but I think Steem has some big investors as well..Some of them with really deep pockets

What are you going to do with your Steem you get from selling?

Buy more Steemleo when it's cheaper :D lol

JK I'm trying to get back my 5000 steem I spent on Palnet.
probably power it up or use it to increase my stable-coin DAI hedge.

Congratulations on your achievement. Good discussion here, the group buys of Bitcoin sound interesting, and I hope the hear more. Seeing Steemleo trade at or above Steem would be great. Any ideas on how SCT Token achieved their price?

Any ideas on how SCT Token achieved their price?

Targeted the Korean community.

Excellent points brought up in this point (as usual).

Congrats on getting to the level you did. 1/100th is impressive. Of course, the likelihood of being able to retain that level, even if you did power all up is unlikely. Numbers are going which means that the inflation is going elsewhere. How much of a different and how quickly, that is up for debate.

I am still in acquire mode (I am many thousands behind your level). That said, I get your point of view to call uncle on the staking and look to contribute in other ways.

As for the Bitcoin idea, I am all for collective projects. It is a way to really enhance the success of all involved. This is something that we do not do enough of. It is everyone for him or herself. That is the prevailing mentality.

We need dozens of more ideas like this one that can be put to a test. Figure out a way to payout to many more people.

I don't write about anything related to cryptos or trading them, so Leo is not something that I get in my post rewards.

Tinkered with the concept of swarm intelligence or crowd wisdom on Steem during the last world cup. Got some interesting results.

I think the same can be applied on crypto price prediction :)

Hiii i'm new people....I think I try, but its great to see you guys killing it, I like the culture that has been set, I know it seems like a circus circle jerk but it will get better with time when posters are more, there's a standard being set, there's always a unique perspective from each trending posts, really cool.

I also really hope that there wont be drastic dumping of whale holdings....

So hot guys can shift a little and let us upcoming shine...hehe...

Cheers....leo to the moon

Leo has the syndication program, trying to onboard outside quality authors. You may look to support that with your stake as well.

Interesting idea about the swarm intelligence trading. Can we put gerber on it? 😂