Think and Visualize in Positive.

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The Kybalion affirms that everything in the universe is mental. Everything starts from a concept of ideas that take corporeal form. Creation itself, in all religions and philosophies of the world, arises from a divine inspiration. The creator god imagines the idea of the world he wants to build and then works on its formation.


It is no coincidence that each of the great companies that have been achieved, such as inventions and technological advances, arise first in the mind of one or several people. That is why the first law of spirituality is mentalism.

Mentalism feeds on energy, on the basis that things are impertinent, and therefore the rules can be doubled to create different ones. And everything that can be possible is within the mind. Every phenomenon can be changed and replaced, and every reality can be transformed.

An old saying goes: ¨No everything is said, ¨ what is a reality. It is precisely for this reason that the first law of spirituality is as powerful as it can create, it can also destroy. It is important, therefore, to be very careful with what one wants and thinks with intensity.

..The power of the mind. Most likely you have heard that the mind is very powerful, because it certainly is. Very few people are aware that the psyche is so colossal that it harbors in it energy. If you doubt this I ask you, how is it possible that the mind moves the body?


Yes, the mind is the cause of a body to move or be immobile. What is believed in the mind generates force that moves or that stops and stagnates completely. As an example I can tell you that a woman in a wheelchair was confined to stay in it for the rest of her days, because an accident had left her paralyzed. Asking herself she said to herself: How is it possible that God or that creative force allowed me to stay in those circumstances? The woman was angry because she was the only breadwinner in her family, and in her condition it was difficult for her to earn enough to cover the expenses.

The doctors had told her that she would never stand on her feet again, and one of the questions we could ask her is: was she convinced of it? Two years later she was rehabilitated, it wasn't easy for her, but by replacing that belief that she would never walk again with one in which she could only recover, the miracle happened. Something that for the specialists was completely impossible.

But, what happens with those people of special capacities. Do you think it prevents them from doing their activities? The reality is that they are as capable as you and me, everything is that they believe in themselves and in what they can achieve.

In this sense, the mind is authentically powerful. If you think you can't, you won't be able to. If you think you're going to get sick, you're going to get sick. If you think that you are not capable of achieving this or that, you will not succeed. This is how our mind works.

..Our mind acts through images. When a word or a phrase reaches our psyche, we automatically evoke the portrait of that. For example: if I say apple, you don't think about the letters that make up the word nor about each of the vowels that make it up. What happens because we are entirely visual, or we have been taught to be so.


This is what is known as visualization, but we can also visualize something that we want or long for to happen. Although, unfortunately, in the same way we can visualize chaos and misfortune, with what we come to suffer in advance.

Visualization is the beginning of an unconscious action, and is in turn, the basis of metalizing. On a personal level you can change and transform what you are just by wishing it, that's what this principle is for. It is quite possible that at some point you have heard that man is what he thinks.

The power of creation within lament, if used and made part of the collective unconscious, is capable of transforming the world. It is said that nothing and no one can be placed in the middle of a high desire and an action.

So the psychic phenomena and the so-called magic or healing using the mind is possible because reality is really an idea that has been manifested with mental energy, and as such, if you have enough strength, that energy may well manifest.

However, the duality of which we are a part manifests that just as we are able to create positive things, negative energy, born of fear and hatred, can create a negative reality.

Keep in mind that a negative visualization has a high percentage of becoming reality, since the energy that flows from the mind does not distinguish thoughts in positive or negative, it only transforms, materializes, makes possible what the mind asks for.

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Hello dear @edgarare1, thanks for sharing with us this cumulus of wisdom.

I agree with you that the mind is very powerful, even when we externalize our thoughts and make a statement, there is power in the word, everything is born in the mind but we must confess and act according to what we are conceiving in our mind.

Amazing comment my friend. Thank you so much for your incredible support @fucho80

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Greetings @edgarare1, great article, because if I've always heard it and sometimes I put it into practice or I realize that something happened to this without giving much thought to the matter.

That's why it's necessary to have a good mental health and as not a good rest, because our CPU (to tell you in some way) is one of the most important things in the body.

Not long ago I passed, I was in the university and a professor tells us "I will distribute the points for the assignment" she had previously told us that would be from point 1 to 10, I do not know why I thought to tell a colleague, "I do not know why but point 7 is going to touch us" (all said unconsciously and lightly).

The teacher began to distribute the points and when I get to me says, Jose your point is 7 and me as whaaattt 😱😂.

The mind is very, very powerful and many of us underestimate its power lightly.

Thank you for reading my comment, I hope you have a good day, late or night.✌️

Hello my friend @jjqf

Great comment, thank you for sharing your wonderful feedback.

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But, what happens with those people of special capacities.

More and more, the world is seeking out these type. It will likely remain a struggle for some time, but the end will be worth it.

Kybalion ... some time ago I had not read of this book of hermetic philosophy that is usually attributed to Hermes Trismegisto.

That question that everything starts with an idea, that when visualized pushes all the power and energy of those who visualize it to push the advance and materialize is quite attractive, although I must admit that personally I am of a somewhat materialistic-rationalist tendency whereas if you do not have the necessary conditions for achieving a goal, then you can desire it, but not obsess with achieving it in the way you dreamed it.

Regarding this, some time ago I had read an appointment of Asian origin, I think it was something like: If you want to fly, will you get wings? People cannot change the conditions of their existence so much, but they can seek to create new conditions to fulfill their dreams, so you can fly if you find a way to sustain yourself in heaven.

Hello my friend @pedrobrito2004

Thanks a lot for your comment and support my friend.

you can fly if you find a way to sustain yourself in heaven.

That’s right..!! I clearly understand the meaning of this phrase, very power and tell us that if you push harder you can get your goals, it is not talking about flying on the air, it is talking about flying on a real life.

Amazing my friend, thanks a lot for your feedback, the best for you..!!

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@edgarare1, In my opinion In this Materialistic World, Mentalism proves as Creational aspect for sure. Ideas are Invisible but when we visualise them regularly then in a way it becomes our part and slowly and gradually we manifest the same aspect in Physical Realm.

Keep up the awesome work and stay blessed.

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Hello my friend @chireerocks

100% agree with you my friend, everything our mind is creating can be posible and real.

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Yes. Have a blessed time ahead.

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Hi @edgarare1

It's obvious that you're very interested with psychology and human aspects and I was wondering ... what made you so interested with those topics.

How long have you been passionate about meditation and spirituality?

Good read buddy. Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

Hello my friend thank you so much for your support in all my publications.

Well, in university I studied psychology and business and it was 13 years ago. Our mind is a huge universe you know.

Everything about meditation and spirituality like too much, psychology. Thanks to the university I’m posting a little bit about this topics to help readers.

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Hi @edgarare1

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