Originality Does Not Exist.

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Everything Has Already Been Created..

Originality does not exist. Everything has already been created. What we call creativity is nothing more than the task of recycling the information we already have. We always rely on the known elements. All the information we acquire converges in a single point or instant in time where creativity is manifested. We use all the elements that our conscience possesses and we give them the form that we desire in that moment. That instant in time is one of infinite possibilities.


How do we access this field of infinite possibilities? The answer is one, through meditation. The mind opens up to this field when we enter it. And we have already observed that there are many ways of meditating, some so everyday that we have made them into habits.

Although to perfect and master this law, we have to learn to get to the point of creativity in a voluntary way as well. How can we do this? First by entering a level of relaxation and then simply by meditating, that is, by concentrating on what we want to achieve.

Thoughts follow each other automatically and uninterruptedly. When we are talking to someone, our brain develops Beta-type waves, which are those that oscillate from fourteen to forty cycles per second. The more tension a person feels, the faster his thoughts accumulate, therefore, he will be less in touch with the world of new ideas and solutions.


In other way, when we relax we reach the Alpha level. Brain waves oscillate from eight to thirteen cycles per second, and in this state, thoughts begin to separate from each other, leaving an empty space. This space is the terrain of the spirit, which we previously called the field of infinite possibilities.

Our human mind generates approximately sixty thousand thoughts a day, and most of them are negative. This is the proof that thoughts themselves do not materialize. If this were to happen, our life would be chaotic. What does materialize is what eventually becomes a belief.

The first step in changing the direction of our life is to learn to select our thoughts. As I mentioned in the beginning of mentalism, one must cancel the negative, affirm and accept the positive. To do this easily, we must keep in mind that at bedtime our mind naturally relaxes. This is the least convenient time to watch newsreels or violent movies. We should take advantage of it to read or think of something positive that we will take with us to sleep. In this way, I fall asleep with the feeling that good things happen to me every day, even when I am in the middle of problems or crises, as my mind prepares to continue receiving only the good things for me.

Not everything is money and fame, organized life leads us to think that our talent has to give us money, fame or some social merit.

However, in the spiritual world this is not the case. Sometimes, the mission of some is to serve others so that they can achieve fame and recognition. In others, the mission is to care for, feed or educate others. From this it follows that the mission and purpose of someone in this life can be anyone, as long as what is done produces happiness, even if it does not give us extraordinary amounts of money. When we fulfill our mission, all of life is made easier for us, the means to sustain us economically and emotionally come to us.


We may not be rich and travel in yachts, limousines, luxury vans, or private planes, but we get to feel very good about walking, or riding our bikes. Or we may feel more comfortable riding public transportation, and prefer a well-equipped car, a large house. That is our essence and we should not be ashamed. It's the way we come to make connection with the Universe and the creative force.

I always say that those who have the possibility to help, do it. Be it with material goods, offering work, giving advice, spending time with someone who asks for help. Let's be helpful. If in this life we have the joy of having a lot of money, let's avoid being afraid to have it.

Let's enjoy and help, because it is more likely that in another time or life we will be on the opposite side, and we would like someone to reach out to us.

Be grateful, bless every moment, live every moment. Enjoy what you still have and worship in memory of the absent. May the truth always be revealed to you and that every day you walk firm steps.

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What a lovely post. So true - what we watch and what we do, every action in our lives, matters for a a joyful life. I love this line:

How do we access this field of infinite possibilities? The answer is one, through meditation. The mind opens up to this field when we enter it.

I am always at my most creative when my mind is relaxed and I am free to wonder.

Just letting you know, #spirituality posts such as this one are great for #naturalmedicine too - we'd love to support this one! Calling @vincentnijman, who I think could add to the conversation here - I know there's a lot of things in here that he has been thinking about of late.

Hello, long time no see...!!

Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading your message.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, of course, a relaxed mind is more powerful and creative don't you think.

thanks a lot for your support @riverflows

@ edgarare1 apreciado amigo me permito comentar su post el cual me parece muy interesante e importante por las sugerencias e indicaciones de mejoramiento personal pero asi mismo no puedo estar de acuerdo con algunas de sus afirmaciones.
Reciclar la información es en realidad es: Usar todo aquello que nos de dirección y sentido como recordar a donde vamos y porque?, la originalidad consiste mas bien en la habilidad de ir por un camino diferente y con un propósito distinto a ese mismo lugar,-digo- la vida es dinámica y es muy posible que nos encontremos en un lugar distante al que queremos llegar, ese transitar en progreso; es lo que llamo, originalidad si le agregamos el o los porque?, entonces esto nos da un propósito, que por supuesto, puede ser mas profundo o no, depende de que tan materialista (a esto le llamo ser pragmático) o espirituales seamos en nuestras razones para querer ir por un camino y nos empeñemos en llegar-si es que llegamos-, porque podríamos quedarnos en el devenir, y claro esto no disminuye en nada el valor de nuestros propósitos.

En el campo de las posibilidades infinitas, la creatividad no es mas que otra posibilidad, negar esto es una contradicción, porque entonces ya no es el campo de las posibilidades infinitas.
Bien, sin embargo todo lo dicho quiero felicitar su post muy acertado para aquellos que buscan mejorar sus potencialidades y que usualmente-creo- desestiman la meditación, como instrumento viable de superación y mas, me gustaría continuar y decir muchas cosas mas pero entonces ya no seria un comentario sino mas bien un post, espero seguir nos viendo por aquí.
Gracias por todos aquellos que disfrutamos de un buen post y mas para quienes aprendemos y sacamos provecho real de sus investigaciones sobre la vida y lo humano.

Hola @alpind Es un placer conocerte.

Estoy muy impresionado por la gran descripción que usted ha hecho, enserio que he disfrutado leer su comentario, me gusta como usted a descrito cada punto.

Esto es de gran ayuda también para cada lector, asi cada uno tendremos una idea mas de pensar, nos hidratamos de comentarios como el de usted y el mensaje tan positivo que usted nos esta enviando a cada uno.

La sabiduría que usted tiene es impresionante, muchas gracias por su apoyo.

@edgarare1(/@edgarare1 La verdad es que quisiera tener esa sabiduría y ufanarme con tan grande virtud pero para ser honesto, apenas estoy aprendiendo que la humildad da y la importancia personal quita,( lo poco que tenemos), si es que tenemos algo, por otro lado "impresionado?", me sorprende porque soy yo quien lo admira y siento respeto por sus ideas, tanto es asi, que en mi post del 20-01-20 (La creatividad: Legado de los dioses), en donde lo recomiendo e invito a leer su post porque definitivamente aporta valor a quienes se detengan por un instante a leerlo.Apenas si soy un expectador lirico
siéntase en libertad de contar con mi apoyo y colaboración en cualquier forma que pudiese serle útil. justamente quería contactarlo otra ves y es esta la oportunidad para seguirlo en sus escritos, cosa que no hice, cuando lo lei y luego cuando cerre sesion, me di cuenta de que pase por alto ese detalle muy importante para mi y ahora puedo felizmente hacerlo.
Saludos y un Abrazo grande para usted.
have a gread day my good friend.

Muchas gracias.

Hi @edgarare1

For me, creativity is just one of many possibilities that exist in the plurality of multiverses. I see it as an interpretation of the many possibilities that may exist in any case this is a matter that depends on the intelligence or point of view that each person has then and there is the interesting thing in which each person will exhibit their point of view because as George Bernard shaw said: if I have 1 apple and you have 1 apple; and we exchange them, we will both have 1 apple, but if I have 1 idea and you have 1 idea and we exchange them, we will both have 2 ideas, and this is what makes the difference, don't you think?

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Excellent comment. Of course, all people have different ways of thinking and how life works.

The interchange and the knowledge of each one makes the difference as you say.

Thank you very much for your positive message @reinaldoverdu

Dear @edgarare1

I must admit, that this title worked very well as a 'click-bait'. You got my attention instantly.

Originality does not exist. Everything has already been created.

Ehm. I would not go that far with this statement. Obviously absolute majority of people around the globe will not do anything original. However there are always going to be some pioneers in different areas, which will do something noone else ever did before.

ps. I did not expect that you will find a way to "connect" topic of being original with meditation :) well done lol :)

Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

I really enjoy that we have different ways of thinking, it's true, I've said that everything has been created.

Of course, as you mentioned there are people innovating new things, but I can also say that by being innovative, we will always be thinking about what is already created and always try to be original in something new in our minds.

Meditation is a perfect fit, isn't it? It is perfect to open and relax our mind to be more creative.

Thank you very much my friend @crypto.piotr for your constant support...!! I really appreciate your help..!!

Regards @edgarare1.

I thoroughly enjoyed this reading, Big Thank you!

These tips you gave to take advantage of the moments before bedtime seem very valuable to me. I will put them into practice from now on.

When you talk about originality and that everything has already been created, some words from an ingenious sculptor came to my mind, who produces beautiful artworks carving large stones.
In the words of the artist, he said something more like this:
"Inside the rock lies the sculpture, I just remove the material that is left over."

These humble words show great spiritual growth and respect for creation and divine inspiration.

Thank you for sharing this valuable writing.

Your friend, Juan

Hello @juanmolina thank you so much for your great comment.

I´m glad to hear that my content helps you a little to be better. I´m trying to do something different with a different point of view my friend.

I really like this line:

"Inside the rock lies the sculpture, I just remove the material that is left over."

Wise words don't you think...!! If everyone thought like this artist, everything would be different in this world.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Thanks a lot for your support.

My real pleasure.

I'm not familiar with philosophy but I think if you mix known elements in a way that no one else has tried, something completely new can come out of it. Don't tell me "The Burning Giraffe" isn't an original idea :) (We know giraffes, we know fire, but this mixture....?)

Art is really difficult to express, it looks magnificent.

Thanks a lot for your comment @deathcross

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