When investors buy Steem, they are not only buying a crypto but also share of a blockchain that powers a global economy

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Can Steem power a global economy where everything will be built that digitally can be possible. Steem is already wholesome only blockchain where one can spend one's whole day. An user can write blogs, read blogs and curate, play games, socialize with commenting, trade in internal market or @steem-engine and many more things to come

Steem has already many gaming DApps: @sprinterlands, (former @steemmonsters), @nextcolony, @roadtoricges etc, betting DApps @epicdice, @magicbet, also so many DApps for different type contents such as art (@creativecoin), science (@stemgeeks), investment (@steem.elo) etc, what else you name it. Users can spend significant time along with earning money (i.e. tokens, Steem).

Though Steem started with a single DApp, Steemit as blogging site, it has evolved into a big economic system. Now, there are many actors. The synergy among many economic aspects of Steem is making it looking like a global equity for many participants. When users buy or earn Steem, they are buying a stake in a global blockchain that is solving many problems.

The most of the top cryptocurrencies other than smart-contract coins such as ETH, EOS or TRON, are currencies. Some of them are hard to use due to volatility, scalability and slowness (e.g. BTC takes at least 10 mins to confirm a transaction). However, due to limited supply, BTC can work as an excellent store of value. However, forkings (i.e BCH, BTG, BSV, BCD) and copyings (i.e. LTC, DASH) made it diluted as a store of value.

On the other hand, Steem not only can work as currency due to its 3 second transaction time but can also work as store of value since it can act a global stock. Moreover, entrepreneurs can build DApp on top of Steem to solve real world problems such as creating crowsource job hub where microtasking can be rewarded (e.g. yoodoo).

Steem is tremendously undervalued considering its current utilities. Cryptocurrency market is still in speculation stage which is mostly controlled by traders. They mostly like volumes and trends which has not catch the attention of Steem. But it may happen sooner than later. Very recently, Steem has recorded highest gain in a day among top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Steem already has launched ERC20 token feature with tribe token and NFTs. SMTs will bring another token protocol where transaction cost will be zero compared to other renown protocols such as ERC20 or TRON20. Steem is a crypto for a versatile economy where most top coins are either useful as store of value or medium of transactions.

Moreover, it is interesting that most outsiders treat Steem is just another low rank and low marketcap cryptocurrency among the top 100. Most traders and speculators are not interested in due to lack of volumes, limited number of pairs and limited number of exchanges. They are not even aware that Steem has most useful DApps even compared to its hyped peers such as ETH, EOS or TRON.

Therefore, when an investors buy Steem, they are not only buying a crypto but also share of global blockchain that powers an economy. It means that Steem is massively undervalued at this price.

Disclaimer: This opinion is not a financial advice, it my personal perspective and opinion. Please seek professionals for financial decisions. This opinion is only for educational purpose.

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I cannot argue any point you made here @dtrade. There is so much going on that we are seeing Steem evolve into something much bigger than many other projects. The different use cases is expanding by the month. Each new upgrade adds to the entire ecosystem.

I love how the Leo Dex is shaping up. Something like that, in addition to what SE is doing, are major advances. Now it is only a matter of filling it with those financial products that are appealing to people.

Could that be a major financial center in a year or two? I would think that is the goal.

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Eventually, Steem will be major exchanges even in Coinbase, Steem is a laggard but it is also a great opportunity to accomulate at this low price.

Posted via Steemleo