How I became the largest LEO stakeholder: the secret is buying when the price is low.

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I am the largest non-official LEO stake holder with more than 104K LEO Power. How do I reach here?

However, I may stay as the largest holder for a month or two. The next contender, @megavest will take the position sooner or later. His prowess comes from the earning of LEO with 300K SP delegation to @leo.voter. He is the largest backer of @steem.leo tribe.

Therefore, it could be my last blog about being the largest LP holder.

According to LEO dashboard, I have earned 16K LEO. I have got 5K LEO as airdrop for holding PAL. I have also earned around 1K LEO as delegation reward too. It means that I have bought 82K LEO from the market. Therefore, I could be one of the largest LEO market maker. My secret is to buy LEO in big lots while it was cheap.

largest leo holder.png

I have no specific record of average cost for purchased LEO. However, initially just after the airdrop I sold 3K LEO at 0.07 Steem thinking that it will be dumped to the oblivion being airdropped in millions on PAL holders. As time passes, @steem.leo kept developing and innovating, I felt strong trust on LEO team and kept buying.

As far as I remember, I have purchased LEO as low as 0.075 Steem and as high as 0.325 Steem.

Though I have no plan to purchase large number of LEO at this moment. However, if price drops severely then I may buy a large sum of LEO to protect my LEO portfolio. Anyway, I am not still selling any LEO since I think it can reach a floor of 0.5 Steem or more in 2020. When I will see big buying pressure, I will sell some LEO to provide liquidity.

How I am using my LP stake

I mostly curate my favorite content creators automatically with help of bots. However, I regularly add new content creators to my list for upvote. I occasionally check new or hot sections to find new quality authors.

I try to upvote contests organized by other @steem.leo members.

I also try to write a blog mostly about cryptocurrency once a day.

In future, I may arrange some contests to inspire new content creators or use crowd knowledge of the investing community to find insights using my upvotes.


I am here for long, long time as long as @steem.leo team keeps developing and innovating. I am also willing to learn from the community and the team. I will also try to share my knowledge about crypto-mining, blogging and investing with the community that I have gathered for last six years.


Your views reflect mine. I am earning all the LEO I can by posting a number of times a day, all through the Steemleo front end.

I sold some down to .08 when I started buying. I also starting converting other tokens and getting LEO. I still have a bunch of STEEM in the pot just in case of a severe pullback. Nevertheless, I keep adding as I go along, feeling that anything under .30 is a good buy range. I have no reason to believe that your estimates of a .50 floor in 2020 is amiss.

The innovation that is being done by the Steemleo team is amazing which will be reflected in the token price. I actually foresee 1.00 LEO at some point. The team is very aware of doing things to enhance the value of the token.

This is going to be one of the best projects on Steem in my opinion.

Thanks. You are also a top LEO backer who puts lots of value to the tribe. Yep, upside of LEO can be even 2-5 Steem considering only 2.6M tokens are in circulation.

Congratulations! I bet it must be nice being a LEO whale :p



You are doing a great job in curation as well.
The leo discord has #steemleo-post-stream chanel with content posted via steemleo forntend. I found it helpfull for curation :).

Thanks. I will look into that ;)

@dtrade keep rocking on, achieving 100k stake in Leo is a great milestone for many to attempt to achieve.

Thanks. It will be harder for future 100Kers, no doubt ;)

Haha, it's almost as if you predicted the big sell-off. I think I'm going to buy a little more LEO here to get my cost average down as this is a nice opportunity to get some cheap LEO and will be able to get more Steem into Steem-Engine with some upcoming post payouts.

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