Changing the strategy a bit

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ppmwfryg1o.jpgSo a few months ago I made goal of hitting 10K sp as my own. I am still optimisk about this and I will continue to be so :D

This is also why I wanna change things around.

SP leases

Having to continually renew SP leases is going to be expensive in the long run since I am not powering down and have no interest of powering this account down.

But having to invest on a monthly basis might be worth in thw long run, but we dont know where steem will go. I still might invest now and then, but I think I take a break from investing on a monthly basis, I would rather buy some estm through the @esteemapp whenever I need some.

Which averages out for around 1$ for 3 post boost, which is nice.


Besides all of that, what I will I do with the steem I earn from posts!? Well, I will be transferring it to steem-engine until I hit some token goals I have and after that I would just power it up. It would also free up some steem power which I could utilize better.


I dont gamble often and it comes in waves. I am currently in a wave where I feel like gambling on slot machines @steemslotgames. So I might be doing that if I cant restain from it :p


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