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I am not much of a day trader now, I learned my lesson many months ago, 2017 and 2018 are the years. It could have been a good story if BTC kept of mooning but it didn't and it just caught most of us mostly by surprise and partly by our inexperienced hands about the market forces that dictates the flow of like this example the crypto prices.

Now we must also factor in the manipulation of big entities out there which have the money and technical know-how in bring the prices up and down and we can see it in the charts where we are played upon by whales trying to shake weak hands and it is seen on the way that the candles shows itself, long green or red candles.

The only thing that we can do is to just wait and sell when the prices are up and I mean a few thousand notches/dollars from the current price of BTC or probably 150% up if you cannot wait any much longer.

For myself I can still wait for as long as I still have money to be spent for my medical needs and even if BTC would stay in these prices if I do not have anymore money to cough out then I will be forced to cash out.

Anyway if we now look at the price of SBD it just correlates like for any other cryptos to the price of BTC. It has some wild swings that can make us profit if we know where or what price to buy in or sell-out. Well that is not much of a problem because the chart shows it below.

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Now since SBD is supposed to be a stable coin it doesn't veer off with it sbd to 1 dollar mark. But it goes down below its 1 dollar peg which is a very good thing to consider to buy-in, you just have to make a position where it usually would lay down at its lowest point and sell at its highest point.

Now if we are looking for a coin to trade with we can just consider SBD since I am fairly sure that it will not go below much the 1 dollar peg because of the bitcoin halving event which in my opinion is also in the most part influencing its price near its one dollar peg.

Warning: Not A Financial Advice Do Your Own Research.

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Before, I never believed in the concept of big influences modulating the prices of crypto in the market. Steem and SBD used to rise to corresponding market value price of Bitcoin, but now we have situations where there will be an increase in the price of Bitcoin without an increase in the price of steem

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SBD is good coin to trade but problem is that it's not listed on many popular exchanges