Ups & Downs #Vol 8

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Good morning people and welcome to Ups and Downs daily chart!

A Green day! Today's market looks very strong and brought back the smiles into crypto community, BTC recovering very well and gains 5.5%, ETH and LTC as well with gains 3.86% and 3.63%. As for Steem that i wasn't so confident gains 11.19% and jumped 3 places (84) with price right now at $0.140442 !

Top 10 coins


Steem daily chart


Today's Top Gainers

Today's first place goes to a token that operates on Ethereum Blockchain and skyrocket it's price, ROMToken (ROM) ranks 2017 and gains the amazing 🚀🚀 1,989.59% and have a price at $0.000178, well yeah it make sense.. With a small research i found some details about it here: , visit the link if you want to learn more about it.

Second place goes to DMarket (DMT), DMT is a token that operates on Ethereum Blockchain and is a Digital Items Exchange and Game Monetization Platform. Gamers can buy, sell & exchange in-game items, while developers gain revenue from every transaction fee. You can read about it on their announcing post on Medium
Dmarket ranks 153 and today gains ⏫242.94% with price at $0.337308, it seems that the gaming industry is the crypto vehicle to mass adoption. Visit their site here.

The third place goes to Boltt Coin (BOLTT), i found quite interesting their project two days ago when i give them the Bronze crap award, well still do and it's not because they have gains ⏫131.82% and price $0.023651. So third place to Boltt coin that ranks 2049, visit their site to get informed here.

Today's Top Losers and the Crap awards

Today the Golden crap goes to a decentralized platform and it's token, that enables issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized digital derivatives, DUO Network Token (DUO) ranks 2075 and has loses ⏬-55.06% with price at $0.032275, here is their site :

The Silver crap goes to suterusu (SUTER), it ranks 2054 and loses ⏬-53.43% with price right now at $0.028489. According to their site

We intend to implement an anonymous cryptocurrency that is based on the setup-free ZK-ConSNARK cryptographic function. Our cryptocurrency at first will have a Mimblewimble-like structure albeit based on groups of unknown order. We will then extend our implementation to privacy-preserving smart contracts.

No interest here.

The last place and the Bronze crap goes for second time to adToken (ADT), the same award for second time in few days for ADT it's a sign, the bottom it's all yours! it ranks 499 and losing ⏬-52.99% with a price at $0.004468.

All the coins has Volume (24h) at least $50,000

That's all for today, thanks for reading!!



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