Earn $20 Worth Of DAI On Coinbase

in #steemleo2 years ago (edited)

I'm a couple of months late on this but i guess that shows how infrequently i check the crypto balance. Anyway, i heard there was a new Coinbase Earn program and thought i'd share it with you. There are no referral links in this post - simply go to your Coinbase account and click on the Earn Crypto button.

Quite a few options

The most generous one out there is the Stellar one but i didn't qualify for that one unfortunately. Not sure why. The next most generous one is this DAI ($20) one, followed by BAT ($12) and then EOS ($10).

Technically, you could earn $50 from the EOS project but $40 is from referrals at $10 each so i didn't include that.

DAI Problems

Well, the Maker project instructions are really bad and i couldn't figure out how to close my contract. I accidentally ended up creating a second $0.06 contract so now i have two open ones that i can't close. You can't lose more than the collateral you've put in, which was covered by Coinbase, so i'm just going to let it run.

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Greetings friend @charcoalbuffet.

Does this promotion really work? Have you witnessed proof of payment?

I have heard testimonials from friends and they tell me that once you select the "earn" option, then they put you on the waiting list and you never receive the notification of approval.

Do you know anything about it?

All best, Piotr.

Sorry i missed your message. Yes, it really works and i got the payout. Promptly converted it into ETH or BTC, can't remember which now.

I've also been waitlisted for XLM and have not been invited to it yet although i have a friend who signed up later and was approved for the program instantly.