(WATCH and LISTEN!) Original Song by @sazzler - 'Memories of You' (BUY NOW for STEEM!)

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This is a HISTORIC moment! The VERY FIRST AUDIO TRACK on the Steemleo Shop!! https://shop.steemleo.com/@basilmarples/k5zhf931-memories-of-you-by-sapphira-marples-original-song 84573330_2416391295341344_2950051974348800000_n.jpg
Im so excited about this new marketplace and proud that the Postbeat Workshop has snuck in to pole position for a new age of music sales! The whole project by @steem.leo is a pioneering achievement for the Steem Blockchain. It definitely feels like something BIG has just begun. If you havn't checked it out already.....
Check out the full intro post for Steemleo Shop: https://steemit.com/hive-167922/@steem.leo/introducing-leoshop-or-buy-and-sell-digital-products-with-leo-steem-and-sbd#@steem.leo/q4umwb

BUT NOW! Swiftly on to this beautiful, haunting song, written by my dearest @sazzler and performed in the Postbeat Workshop, as live and RAW as you could hope for! WATCH IT NOW:

And if you like it, NOW YOU CAN BUY IT ......WITH STEEM!!!!! Or SBD or even LEO!!! How exciting is that?
BUY IT HERE: https://shop.steemleo.com/@basilmarples/k5zhf931-memories-of-you-by-sapphira-marples-original-song

Well, that just about blows my mind for the day.... I hope you guys like the new track, and I hope you're all feeling as positive as me about the future of this incredible technology! STEEM FOR PRESIDENT!!!! (of planet Earth!)

Also....if you like what we've been doing recently over at the Postbeat Workshop, we would be massively grateful if you would take a look at our NEW PATREON account and maybe even consider giving us a little donation? As we power on in to this new decade, facilitating MUSIC, FILM, ART and BIZARRE COMEDIC WIERDNESS there may even be some secret exclusive material available ONLY for our patrons.....just sayin' ;) SIGN UP: https://www.patreon.com/so_postbeat
Thankyou SO much for all your support. We are forever grateful to this incredible community and the opportunities it is providing for the disshevelled, disenfranchised artists of the modern disaster

Gargantuan Love Waves
x x


Hooray ☆
Download one of my live tracks! Its okay to spend your steem on me ;p in fact its extremely cool


Lovely song. I bought it and I hope many others do too.

Hey Steevc, honestly thanks so much. So cool of you to buy my song! :)

You are very welcome. I have always wanted to see a thriving Steem economy. What is the point of not spending some of what we make here. I am very tempted to put some of my music on Leo.

Really beautiful song - @sazzler has a pure and wistful voice. That is cool I hadn't heard about the steemleo shop yet, will check it out. Much love

@tipu curate

Thanks Carl, you've always showed the steemit love to things I've shared. It means a lot. Hope you're well bro xx

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biiiig time bro, get some products up, its time to spread the Gnash and make some Kash

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