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Hello all, I would like to draw some attention here, and would like to know if there is any #leo curation community around. I have been riding along with @schubes with upvotes and downvotes trails, but it seems the trail has stopped working for unknown reasons. May be I'm just too lame in following the news because my dad wouldn't allow me to use the phone and write my blog. Other than that, given a fact that I actually spend more time in drawing, and less time on studying financial stuff, I really need to consider do some real hardcore blogging.

As you can see from the above, it's been 10 days since I follow for vote. I would like to emphasize, my account has no other major steem-engine tokens staking other than #steemleo as my whole family is depending on my work. I am still too young to write anything about investment for the time being, but let me tell you my dad is training me to read charts and do technical analysis. I am currently doing some readings in, learning some of the basis charting skills and method. Who knows one day, when I have more success in trading, I will come back here and share my experience. But for now, I just wanted some reliable trail that vote for #leo. Not much do I have in my wallet, but I guess around 2000leo including delegated power is a good start?

I know it is not much, but my dad is continuously powering up and is continuously adding his stake on my delegation. It will be really delighted to see some real curation income from now on so we stake holders can continue to thrive.


you can follow these accounts that are constantly growing @cn-leo @vxc.leo @spinvest-leo @leo.voter

Thanks. This is very helpful. I will load them all up.

Hi @annabellenoelle, I looked at your account to see why your upvotes aren’t working. It’s because your SP is too low to cast votes on the blockchain (you’ve got the majority of your SP delegated out)

thank you for your reply. I have checked my RC is enough to cast more than 10 votes a day. and I only cast full votes, and therefore the need of SP can be as low as 1, as long I have #leo. correct me if I'm wrong, but anything involved with maths, I seldom get it wrong. my dad is very strict on numbers since he wanted me to be a full time trader in future.

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It looks like you have it set to vote when you have 100% VP however your VP is most likely below that amount usually

you got a point there, let me check if I have accidentally setup another bot voting on my behalf other than steemauto. I have a threshold of 80% and I trail with 100% vote. By right it should go at least 9 votes a day. anyway, thank you for your input. you are still in my trail list along with others. 🙂

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