Mara Phones: First African Smartphone Manufacturer Launches in Rwanda. - Check out their Logo

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I'd been keeping an eye out for this projects for some months now. I was excited about it but also, I wanted to verify it wasn't just vaporwave, wouldn't have been the first time. Turns out, Mara Phones is completely legit, and open for business as of yesterday.

Mara Phones;

Is Africa's first smartphone manufacturer, and they have set up their first factory in Kigali, Rwanda. Key distinction, they don't just assemble the parts, they actually produce all the phones components themselves at their factory.


For The People:

This is great news not only for the consumers but also for the work force. So far the company has provided 200 jobs, 90% of them to Rwandans, and it's aiming to provide at least 650 jobs in the near future.

So far, there are only 2 phone models on the market. The Mara X, and the Mara Z, both with most of the features and functionalities smartphones enjoy, and both at affordable prices.

Mara X


Mara Z


To render these phones even more affordable, payments in installments. Customers will be given up to two years to cough up the money so all in all, exciting times we're living in!


Their vision is to one day be the go to affordable shop to get smartphones on the continent, while also providing jobs in the process. But first things first, Rwanda gets dibs, then it's the East African region, and then finally, the rest of the continent.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this project's journey unfolds. I'm sure there will be unforeseen challenges along the way but, I wish them success whether in innovation, creativity, but most importantly, competition!

P.S: They already ship globally, you can get yours in 5-7 days if you order one.

Man I should be getting paid for all this shilling. Anyways;


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