Challenge - start making money with 0 funds - 11

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here is the 11th episode from my challenge inspired by @steemmatt. He is on a whole new different level. His market is different, but i think something he shows us, can be applied all over the world.

Like said before littering in Germany is punished strongly and throwaway stuff is brought to special compounds where mostly a fee is paid. Like this a lot of people are giving away the stuff they want to throw out. I do a daily search to see if I can find good stuff in my area, but mostly the good things are gone in minutes or are reserved in minutes.

The next step will be to ask my wife to do a research on what things are sold fast and to a good markup. They shall be small. Like I will not touch the big pieces of furniture because they take up space and are basically a logistic nightmare. We are pretty good at bobby cars for example, but the good ones price wise get sold fast.

This week I did not get any new thing. We sold some of our old stuff, but this will not get into the challenge.


I did two runs of cleaning the are this week. I got 7 bottles and cans from my area and 4 from the parking lots where I stop on the road. People look me sometimes weird when I do this, but I really don't care. I feel good that I keep cleaning my surroundings. It is a healthy way to do something good.

Next week I hope to do 3 runs. I've read about a guy who did this and managed to get something like 1500€ in a year just buy picking up trash. It is not much as it barely covers our rent, but with it something else can be started.

Do you have a side hustle?


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Ist deine Zeit nicht viel viel viel teurer als dieser Kram je einbringen wird?

und mit teurer meinte ich wertvoller. Das Wort passt besser.

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People recycle cans here so much that nobody would look at anyone weird, unless they were well-dressed in a suit or something. There are literally operations with staff and rental box trucks that get completely filled every week night from just bottles. You're doing your part with what's around, and it's actually an awesome thing that your country doesn't have so much.