A pork leg baked in San Valentine´s

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     If life gives you lemons, learn to make lemonade and if life gives you a leg, then put it in the oven and eat it with a nice salad. That's what I did today my friends, perhaps many will be surprised to see me making pork leg at this time, but as I tell them, when something comes into your hands just enjoy it.
A few days ago @zord sent us the challenge of the week and it definitely fell like a ring on my finger because that day I had the pig defrosting. I immediately thought of preparing a delicious recipe with this succulent meat, and what better than to show you a Venezuelan-style baked leg.

     A baked pork leg is more or less what a turkey is in the United States on Thanksgiving night, it can't be missing, and so is this delicious dish for us Venezuelans on Christmas Eve. The Christmas dinner consists of beechwood, chicken salad, ham bread and a delicious piece of baked leg. Today I will show you how I did it.



  • 2 kilos of leg of pork.
  • 2 Paprika - 2 Onions - Garlic
  • Chives - 3 Sweet Peppers - Garlic Pot
  • Olives - Raisins - Capers
  • 1 Beer or wine - Soy sauce - English sauce -Condiments.



1st step. Clean the meat very well and prick it with a knife several times, boil it for a few minutes and then seal it on both sides in a very hot pan, place it in a baking dish and season it with salt, garlic, pepper, marinade and oregano.

2nd step. We clean the dressings and you can chop them up on a board or chop them up in the blender. Add half of it to the meat and keep the other half of the sauce.

3rd step. We bathe the pork leg with soy sauce, wine or beer, English sauce and with our hands we start to put all the ingredients together. We add the olives, raisins, capers and we begin to introduce all this sauce by the holes that we opened previously in the meat when we puncture it.

4th step. We cover with aluminum foil and put in the oven at a temperature of 250 ° C.
To finish, add the other part of the sauce when we have half the cooking time. When half an hour is left, remove the aluminum foil so that it can be grilled                                                                         on top. Approximate cooking time: 2 hours.


Final result

     That night we didn't eat because it was already very late, but the next day I made them some delicious corn arepas and thank God they were very tasty. My children and my husband were satisfied with the result and left happy and content with their daily activities.

The Venezuelan arepa, the best in the world.



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I want try this 👌🤗🤗🤗😋 it looks very good.

It looks delicious!

You're such a good cook!

Wow! Amiga eso se ve espectacular. Hasta hambre me dio.

mmmmm! Pork Leg... although, I hope you don't do this with all legs! It looks great!

I've never tried baked pork leg before and your recipe makes it easy to prepare.
I learnt that with a good oven, lots of things can be prepared without much hassle.
Am still trying out new recipes with the oven