Parents need to teach kids that giving makes you happy

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The world is really full of selfish people. Lots of people want to be fine first without ever thinking of how to help others.We all feel great when people go out of their way to help us. But the question is: when was the last time we gave of our time, money or other resources to help others? The answer is obvious to you. However, we want a more selfless world. We want a world where others sacrifice their comforts to make us comfortable. We want a world where the human family feels for one another. If that is truly our vision for the future, then parents and adults have work to do on kids.

Parents and older people should teach by word and example that the best way to live is to give. When we give, we have this feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that we made an impact. The impression we make for doing little things for others could be long-lasting. So kids need to lean from an early age to open the door for others, give them a sit, a drink or some other things. They should be taught to use their time to serve others too. If many parents and all of us adults live an exemplary life of giving, whatever we teach these young ones about giving will sink deep into their hearts. And we will have a better human society in the future if kids learn to give now.

I saw this cartoon about giving that could be used to shows kids why giving makes you happy. Maybe you will be impressed with the lesson. Please watch.


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Share with us some ways you give of your time, money or resources to help others

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Giving is a way of showing appreciation and love! There is no day without unconditional giving, or to myself or to others. Even if it's a thank you thought or providing advice, does not matter, if the intention is about giving and helping others out!

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Dear @focusnow

The world is really full of selfish people

Sad, but true.
Solid read. Giving and idea of sharing should be indeed tought from early age.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks for your immense support @crypto.piotr. I and all of us yearn for a world where we realize that we really depend on other people for success and that giving and sharing should be natural.

Practical examples would work better than cartoons. When you give your kids old clothes to others who might need them, your kid is more likely to give out things than some cartoons

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Hi @focusnow

Well friend I just have to comment that this is not my case my beloved mother who is for me a queen, despite our needs I always teach myself to be a good person with other people, that teacher who gave me my mother I have managed to transmit To my two little daughters, they enjoy being able to help others in many ways. My daughter May is very good at math and in school she helps all her classmates, in the best way she knows and is explaining math.

In addition to that habit of being able to help others, I personally instill them to perform a good action every day. I learned that from the Scouts of Venezuela and one of their mottos was,

Do the good deed of the day, every day

Amazing. You are doing great to instill in your kids one of the best morals ever. Good job there!

@focusnow, For sure Teachings to younger generation will going to mould this World. Due to increase in the Materialistic Lifestyle we are seeing more Selfish Environment instead of selfless. Stay blessed.

Regards appreciated friend @focusnow.

Parents and older people should teach by word and example that the best way to live is to give.

In my house we use a famous saying a lot:

"The Secret of Living is Sharing"

Inspired by this premise we put into practice our highest level of empathy. My two children are charitable, kind and kind-hearted souls with their friends and even feel compassion for people they don't know.
Seeing a needy in the street always causes sadness. We make donations to humble people. Toys, clothes that we no longer use and things like that.

Thank you for this beautiful reading.

Your friend, Juan.

I appreciate your effort to train your kids to be selfless. It matters - and thanks too for coming around @juanmolina

My pleasure. You´re friend!

Such a core principle of learning the Bible. Unfortunately some parents try to lie about this truth. Glad to see you promoting it. God bless.