How to set priorities when it looks like everything is important

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In life we seem to face to many things than we could handle. Often, we hear people say you need to set priorities. With too many things that are vying for you attention, that seems easier said than done. I personally have been undone many times by lack of focus, sometimes it becomes even confusing to understand how to get anything done at all. Quickly you hear someone say again, set priorities. Lets get back to that.

Setting priority is a nice thing. Its easier especially when you have few important things to do and plenty non-essential stuff to handle. How about turning it around which is where many people - including me sometimes- get it wrong. How about trying to set priorities when you have many important things to do. If you get it wrong, you might end up not getting anything done at all.

I was looking at Youtube this evening and I stumbled upon this nice video. I believe that most of what the presenter said are workable. Maybe we could sort around all the important things and still set the write priorities. Watch the video below and let me know what you think about the above issue.

Thanks - Charles

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Thanx for sharing, sometimes its hard to put priorities :) I must say

For me, I have to make a list and prioritize. Then pick the top most important thing, put the blinders on, and do that one thing until it is complete and then do the next and so on. As said in the video, if you look at all of it, you can freeze and do nothing. I often find things take much less time if I just sit down and do then.

Personally, I classify tasks according to their urgency and reward, from there i start and finish the task with the highest rewards and its urgent. I would rather handle just one task efficiently than risk crashing all of them.

Keep up the good work! I’m one of your follower and I read your posts.

On many occasions I have become accustomed to the fact that the urgent is imposed on the important, so that daily survival dominates over the enjoyment of life, at least in the reality in which it is currently.

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Greetings @focusnow, very interesting and important what you comment. Always since we have greater responsibility, whether in studies, in life or at work, our decisions will be the pillars on which to build our lives.

If I have learned something in my few 22 years, it is that this is so, and that you must know with some patience and caution to choose when taking a course of action, while reading your post, in the part of where you comment (paraphrasing) that would happen if they had many important decisions to take, which would devote the time or to which.

Without a doubt I transport myself to a very beautiful subject that I saw last semester in the university, and that subject was Method Engineering, in it they put us to do something similar, since instead of taking courses of action on personal things it took us to the same thing only that in a productive process (example the manufacture of a car), and from there I learned something, that maybe not everything is so easily visible, but if you go with some attention and caution, the decisions you make will always be better than the one you only choose because it was the first thing that happened to me (so to speak).

And although the tasks are many, it is important not to be overwhelmed, and if you can count on a good group of people to help you in the process of carrying them out, everything will be better and more bearable.

Thank you for sharing your post and for reading my comment, have a happy day, evening or night.✌️

Hello @focusnow, your post is very interesting. For me, I must define that it is urgent and that it is important before setting priorities. The problem is that sometimes we give more priority to what we consider "important" that really is not important.

There is also the socio-economic influence. Many times we have to do things out of necessity that are above those that are really important. An example would be spending more time with the family, but many times we are absorbed by work because of the need to have more money to be able to pay debts and needs.

Thanks for sharing 😊

Like the old saying "get your head on straight".