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I love community effort because joining hands together is the best way to leverage the power of all. I love education because knowledge is power. Now you probably know why I support and decided to promote @steemiteducation. @steemiteducation is an amazing community of teachers and educators that support each other. This community hopes to make the world a better place by promoting educational posts and authors that create them. Read exactly how they put it:

The steemiteducation account was started to bring all educators together on this platform. We believe that education gives us better knowledge of the world around us and it changes the world into a better place. We are a close community and young and old, work together, to share ideas, teach each other, and learn from each other.

So to support and promote this amazing community of educators, I will make 2 posts each week - every saturday and wednesday - to review my 5 top posts curated by @steemiteducation in the last 2 or 3 days. I will probably increase the number of posts if I have the time to read more. The aim is to promote the community and authors that volunteered to spread knowledge. This is my little contribution to support the efforts of @steemiteducation for bringing teachers and educators together.

So lets get into the business!


My top 5 posts for today 10/10/2019



I featured this article by @bigbear first because lack of farmers is a real-world global issue. The industrial age we are in pushes young people into taking up careers in Medicine, engineering, Construction and the rest. Everyone wants to work in the office. Farming is an odd career for most young people. So like the article suggested, we need to teach more young people to farm and take it up as a career. There's more - please read by clicking the link, its interesting.

2. Why is it important for children to sleep well?

A nice article by @roseri. Many children suffer sleep deprivation and this affects them at school and during normal hours. The article suggested how parents can ensure the children have the proper environment to sleep. For example, the room should be dark to enable sleep and parents should reduce stressful activities towards sleep time. Read the article to get more suggestions.

3. Always be yourself unless you can be batman...then always be batman!

I thoroughly enjoyed this article by @giantbear. People are pressured to live according to society standards. Everyone wants to be like everyone else. The thrust of this article is that we should be original as long as we are doing the right thing. Do not allow others squeeze you into their mold. The story of a 13 year old girl dressing like an older person and a woman of 70's dressing like a younger person really made me laugh. I bet you will enjoy this article if you read it.

4. Tips for teens - Take care of yourself during puberty

@alishi made a very educative article here about puberty. Young people passing through this stage of life should learn to care for their bodies properly such as by washing the pubic hairs at least every day. They also need to shower daily and wear clothing made of cotton to absorb sweat. Other useful suggestion are found in the article

5. Making The Change In Student

This article by @fun2learn is a vital lesson parents and teachers should take home. We should not give up on helping students that are facing difficulties understanding a particular subject or lesson. We need to take a personal approach and be patient with them. Some of them need more than your general effort as a teacher. They need you to handle them personally. The results will show. As a teacher, I tell you that this is very true. Try and read this article for further insight on this issue.



There you have it. Those are the top 5 posts curated by @steemiteducation in the past 2 or 3 days I enjoyed most. Remember its my personal opinion. If your post was not included, that does not mean it was not great. But these are the ones I picked among the many curated by @steemiteducation.

Disclaimer: The images accompanying the selected posts were taken from the posts. I am not the owner. Also, the images were resized to fit in with how I formatted this post. Thank you for dropping by.



Read any of the articles above and tell me what you think about them - make a meaningful comment. When this post pays out, you will receive part of the Steem bounty set out for commenting.

Thanks for sticking around


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hey mate @focusnow,
I like the way you are interacting with the community...

by the way, in this post, I'll go with -- " Why is it important for children to sleep well? "
The main reason I am supporting the post is I suffered from that... when I was around 12 or 13 I was so much addicted to a video game and I was like playin' that all the time -- eves and nights (coz daytime was spent in schools and

@roseri followed the post in a really great way. I totally agree with all the facts you mentioned but I think some other ways too that may lead children to sleep less or Separation Anxiety

now coming to the last section of the post -- Reasons why daytime sleep is so important.

The nervous system needs to be at rest. -- I agree with that

but according to research at Columbia University Medical Center it also helps to grow the learning center of the brain...
I think u can include, just mentioned...

Thanks for reading.

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@focusnow, Definitely Farming issue will going to arrive and in my opinion the biggest problem is Natural Farming will going to turn into Factory Cropping. Stay blessed.

Puberty is really a time for teenagers to take care of themselves very well

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I like this post by @giantbear:

I am not one to fall for peer pressure, and agree with the ideas in the post. It's best to go your own way and not worry about what people think :)

Its not always in our hand to be ourselves. I have the same feeling as @giantbear but sometimes for your parents' sake or spouse's sake, we need to take some decisions that are not what we really are. But most of the time, personally, I don't care what people think of me. Yeah, I think that is the correct attitude.

Yes there my be a farming crisis because most young thinks its one of the inferior careers,that does not pay much.But if we should teach the young to take farming as a business many will see the monetary value in it and start to take it as one of the best careers