Why do owls stare? A story for big and small

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Have you ever watched an owl?  He can sit still for a very long time and just stare at you or at one specific point and it looks like he will never blink his eyes.

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There is an old old story going around on why exactly an owl can look so shocked and stare for such a long time.  Let me tell you...

Owl was loved by the other birds, they knew that he was patient and kind and very clever.  They liked going to him for advice.

Pigeon did not like Owl very much and he liked arguing with Owl.  Anything you can think of pigeon would argue about.

If Owl said he caught 3 mice, then Pigeon would say he only saw 2.  If Owl would say it is cold then Pigeon would say it is warm.  If Owl would say the winter is coming, then Pigeon would say it will still be a while before that happens.

And so it went on and on and on.

Pigeon was always wrong about the things he said, and all the birds and Owl knew it, but they just accepted that Pigeon liked to argue.

One day Owl said "I am sure there are more owls on earth than pigeons."  Pigeons quickly jumped up and shouted "No ways.  There are a lot more pigeons than owls on Earth."

King Lion was so sick and tired of Pigeon always arguing that he send out a message across the earth that all the owls and all the pigeons must gather the next week and they will be counted.  If Pigeon was wrong (which everybody was sure he was, because he was always wrong) he may never argue with Owl again.

The day came that all the birds will come to be counted.  The owls were there early and Owl was very impressed with all of them.  The covered one whole tree from the top to the bottom.

The next moment everybody heard a swishhhh sound and when they looked up they saw a black cloud coming closer.  They were scared but then saw it was all the pigeons - hundreds and hundreds of them.

They landed in the trees and filled up more than 10 trees.

Owl could not believe his eyes.  Firstly because he never knew there were so many pigeons on earth.  He just kept staring and staring.

Secondly he could not believe that for once Pigeon was right, so Owl got a shocked expression on his face.

And that is why when ever you see an owl staring at you, looking a bit shocked.... he is thinking back to that day.

  • For some extra interesting facts on owls you can watch the video.




funny, I like it. Owl is my totem animal...

Mine too

Mine also. What It Means To Be The Owl
The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. When the spirit of the animal guides you, you can the true reality and see beyond illusion and deceit.