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After a weekend of rest and fun, it is back to the grind. No wonder people suffer from ‘Monday Blues’? However, try looking at it as a new week full of potential and possibilities ahead waiting for you, a week full of exciting and interesting things to come. See if that helps make you feel better. And if that still doesn’t help, maybe the following Quips will help you get over your Monday Blues. Have a laugh! I am sure you will feel better after that.

These memes/pictures are not mine. There are from Facebook Pages I am following, from friends’ messages, from all over the internet. I collect them as I collect my quotes.

9 t0 5 remember.jpg

9 t0 5.jpg

9 to 5 1.png

believe in.jpg

humor 9 t 5.jpg


m 3.jpg

m 4.jpg

m 5.jpg

meme 6.jpg


stupid stuff 9.jpg


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lol...very funny sir Vincent, especially like the last one! Hey what grind do you have? Well, I reckon running around town all the time having dinner and drinking with friends could get a little exhausting after awhile!

Howdy Jonboy. Thank you. Yes, the dining and drinking can be a bit tiring.

lol..poor guy. A hermit like me don't have to worry about such things plus I save alot of money.

Lucky you. 😊

I know right? Much simpler life when people aren't involved!