SteemitBoard shut down by Justin Sun

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Thank you Justin Sun for removing your delegation to SteemitBoard!

As you may know, @misterdelegation aka Steemit inc removed its delegation to several Steem projects. SteemitBoard was one of them.

Why did Steemitboard have a delegation

A bit more than a year ago, the hardfork 20 introduced Resource Credits. While this was a big improvement in the blockchain, SteemitBoard found itself unable to send its notifications overnight due to a lack of RC. You can read more about this in this post

Long story made short, after several contacts with Ned, Steemit Inc. came to the rescue and delegated 30,000 SP to SteemitBoard. We didn't ask for more because it was enough to be able to work again and it even brought a little bonus to all users since the many upvotes made by SteemitBoard also had more weight.

This is the end

Without this delegation, which we believe was not exaggerated and which was used only for the benefit of the community, SteemitBoard can no longer work. It did not take a day for our own RC to be exhausted.

Our services have therefore been definitively stopped and you will no longer receive notifications and badges from SteemitBoard.

We will bring joy and fun to a more welcoming place!

A last thing

@justinsunsteemit, we made our very last badge for you. You really deserve it!


Hopefully you make it to hive

Don't take it personally, but nobody will miss this useless comments and badges.

Some like them, some not. Guess you're in the second group 🤷‍♂

In case you need 30k Delegation, I'm ready to deliver. But you need to mention me as supporter in every comment ;)


Really don't know how to answer that as this post was absolutely not to get any new delegation. We actually do not care at all about restarting our service on this now centralized blockchain.

It's a pity because we (and other users) prepared several funny events and badges, like the coming "4 years birthday".

Anyway, thank you very much for the proposal. If your offer is also valid for the HIVE blockchain, this is something we can talk about ;)

You are welcome :-)

You guys have to do a HiveBoard. With a badge for everybody who survived the hard fork.

I love that badge, nice work and if you need support on hive with some delegation, I will delegate :-)

Thank you @paulag. See you on the Hive side.

I will be missing it... it was sufficient part of steemit for me. well, will meet you at the HIVE!

Can you reduce the awards or maybe only do one per week per user or maybe just do one post a day and tag all the users who earned a reward?

Not surprising and thank you for steemitboard. On to Hiveboard!

Riiiight, maybe their last badge for voting for "real" witnesses had something to do with it. LOL.

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I hope you’ll migrate to Hiveboard! Always great having these mini milestones to keep us going

What’s hiveboard?

When the fork kicks in on Friday we will all be running on the Hive chains so I'm hoping steem dapps will move over accordingly and rebrand

Will you power down your SP or still use your steem account?

I actually don't care that much about what I invested and earned here to be honest


@chekohler do we need to do anything to go to hiveboard or we will automatically be there on friday when hardfork kicks in... steem price for some reason is up by 50%

That’s up to the peeps that run the project I’m not sure how the RCs will work on HIVE so we’ll have to wait and see! Not all dapps will jump over immediately

Hii... check steem news...witnesses are migrating to Hive more steemit they will be in because Justin is actually being an asshole to all very clearly.

It's there in steem news, three articles by steem witnesses themselves. This HIVE will be decentralised, won't have justin's anipulation and influence in it, we wll have peace, much needed.

Then my steem would be useless soon

No... all old steem holders would be airdropped with HIVE tokens...your steem would not be useless


@fredkese, I hope my article can provide some clarity. Updates coming too, ckeck steem news.

It did

Very sad news, I quite liked the occasional notification.

At least you went out with a finger!

Just head on over to Hive, won't be too long before you can get it back up and running there!

How do we get into hive, do we need to do anything?

You can use your steem keys to access it apparently!

I had the same question. I know it is same User Name and Keys/Passwords are Steem, but where I now use the webpage to log into steemit, where do I go to log into Hive? is probably the first interface, others may follow.
It's currently pointing to Steem, but once the fork is done it will be pointing to the new chain

Thanks crokkon, I just found that listed in another thread and was about to come and report back. Thanks for the help and safe journey to Hive .. Geoff

I think that is the one badge to rule them all! 🤣

I support this badge with a !BEER from here....

I love all my badges and hope we find a way to bring this back to #HIVE

Nice last badge🤣

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Oh, and...

steemitboard dropping truth bombs.gif

Looking forward to more great badges on Hive

Very sad. I like the steemitboard since I come to the Steem. Now Mister Sun(LOL) shows us his true face with all this kinds of acting vs us.

Time to Hive his Mind ;)

One more reason to move to #hive.

We will meet at HIVE!

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do we need to do anything to go into hive?

hive should be operative on Friday (10 EST i think) so all you need is to go to hive front end and use steem keys as you did on steem, that is it.

LOL! I love your last badge.

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OH SHIT !!! :D

See you on the better side! Long live HIVE!

Thank you for what you have done. I'm happy to meet you at Hive.

I'm sad that steemitboard just said goodbye! But I'm 😂😂😂 at that last badge. Good job guys! You will be missed 😑😑

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I enjoyed your badges and this is last one takes the cake. FU @justinsunsteemit , have fun with your empty platform. You can rename it scammit for your Tron followers.


Damn, I hope you migrate to the new platform. I enjoyed seeing those milestones!

I so enjoy the milestones I might have missed if it were not for your service.

don't scare me like that😂 #HiveIsLive

Sad to see this because this project was so important to the training I did for my tribe. But I know it'll bounce back on HIVE.

Continued success @Arcange, we appreciate you!

Damn man!! ...Loved @steemitboard. Hiveboard then

I love your guys last Steem badge!

I hope to see you around in the future in a much better place.

I hope we'll see each other again on the "not sunny" side :)

Much love to @steemitboard for being true to decentralization. Eff that tin-plated midget dictator, you don't need his totalitarian ass!

Fare the well and thank you for all the support over the years.

That sucks royally... but I have to admit that I love that "final badge!"

Hopefully there will be support for you to set up shop on HIVE.

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!trdo !BEER !COFFEEA 🙏🌄

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I don't know why you're surprised. You provoked him with your badges.

Talk about delegations with strings attached: "you can only give badges I like and approve of."

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You have still a lot to learn about decentralization and censorship.

spoken like a true @oldtimer.

I wrote about "strings attached" not decentralization nor censorship.

Seems like you have something to learn about NOT reading between the lines when there are no hidden messages there.

It's a waste of time arguing. Have a good day.

LOL That's a bit different from 'No badges that denigrate and insult the source of your RC credits.' Not saying the badges weren't earned, but the delegation being pulled isn't a huge surprise considering.

That's not a surprise and we truly believe their move is unrelated to our previous badges.
They kept a shabby delegation of 50SP while throwing loads at others. We really would prefer not having any delegation left at all.

Reading comprehension. @steemitboard isn't regretting anything, it is saying THANK YOU for removing it. Cheezus!

Happy to see spamboard is closed.

Awww sad. I collected quite a few really cool badges here <3

Thanks for all the fun times Steemitboard!

Best badge ever and you guys rock! See you on the flip side :>)

Perhaps you can revive on the hive blockchain with some help from community delegators?

Great LAST BADGE for Justin, THE VIRUS is almost Gone !!!

jajajaja great :)

That badge is a sarcastic smiley face with a middle finger. Extremely satisfied! Upvoted!

I really enjoy your updates on all the cool new badges i earn. Hope we'll be seeing you at Hive. \m/

GG, SteemitBoard, You've Had A Good Run

You were always a fun notification to get, and it provided some good motivation to keep posting & interacting on here.

See You On Hive

It's been a long time here. Thanks for your voluntary support.

With us since day 1.

SEE'ya in HIVE!

So, do you know if all steem witnesses are moving to the Hive?

Sorry to hear that :/ Steemitboard was a great little game mechanism.

The Hive is waiting.

Thanks for your great community eforts in all these years, @SteemitBoard!! Hope to count with your presence as witness in the new platform and with the valuable knowledge and expertise of @Arcange!!
My best wishes for the New Horizon!!

I am sorry about that @steemitboard I hope that @justinsunsteemit will delegate you 4,000,000 SP so you can make more smiles to everyone's faces.

the most popular account gets fired 😭😭😭😭😭

I always enjoyed seeing those badges show up on a post.


I'm waiting for your resurrection with a new name ;)

we made our very last badge for you. - HAHA, that was a nice one! ;)

!giphy fuck this shit

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

will the exchanges accept the hive token? Hive could quite possibly bomb out in a couple of months.

Hi @steemitboard
Your notifications always made me feel like unlocking some Great badge. Love to have you in Hive

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I guess the badge is appropriate.

Hahaha! This is my first comment on HIVE. @arcange, the moment I stepped to Steemit, I instantly became your fan and here I am almost 3 years later and still... BTW, that's a good adios mother****** badge. Cheers!

Congratulations @steemitboard!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 3 with 96 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 5 with $ 68,01

So sorry to hear that. I liked your badges!

Looking forward to delegating on Hive.

I have just looked at a friends account (@swashdev). A new account account with only 2 postings and 0.002 STEEM. And the delegation on that account is gone as well.

Did Justin Sun cancel all delegations? Leaving all the plankton accounts without Manna and resource credits?

coffeea Lucky you @steemitboard here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

I love it and will be looking forward to Hive Badges, or whatever you decide to focus on there!

Bummer, @steemitboard was one of the initiatives on here I felt helped with user retention. Newbies getting their first badge + a comment on a topic they created is sometimes all it takes to get someone to create that 2nd + post.

Missing you on Hive, looking forward to your decision.

When I started I loved the badges..

It's something good for new people to feel encouraged!

I see that the website is still functioning:

Will there be another site for Hive, or will this one be migrated?

Oh wait.. is it already pointing to Hive?

We are working on something new... coming soon...

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