SteemitBoard Ranking update - A better rich list comparator

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The SteemitBoard Ranking Site is the tool that enables you to compare yourself to your fellow Stemians.

New key indicators have been added to the ranking

In its previous version, the ranking only included two user’s financial indicators, the Steem Power and the post payouts.

Here are the new indicators in this release:

Two new columns have been added to the ranking.

  • STEEM: displays how many liquid STEEM are stored in the user’s wallet

  • SBD: displays how many SBD are stored in the user’s wallet.

The previous payout column has been split into two new columns: Author (SP) and Curation SP.

They show you the rewards collected by the user as an author (i.e. the posts and comments she/he wrote) and as a curator. These values are expressed in Steem Power equivalent, even if the final payment has been distributed in another way (ex: 50% SP, 50% SBD)

This will be a great way to measure how much you can earn and have been earning by curating on Steem.

Of course, all these new columns are sortable like any other.

Note: These values are not updated in real-time. They are recalculated approximately every hour, so it might differ from the value displayed on your Steem client (,, eSteem,, Partiko, …)

How to access your SteemitBoard Ranking

On each user’s board, there is a link to display your ranking

When you access the SteemitBoard Ranking via your own board, your account will be automatically searched for and the page with your name will be displayed directly.

You can also go to

PS: Thank you to @jackmiller and @enginewitty for kicking @arcange's ass to implement these new features.

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Rock on man, thanks for listening :)

@alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
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Well done and it is certainly a great way to check one's progress.
A good tool this and I hope that all steemians will learn how to access it.

This is awsome... Im a big fan of steemit board 😉👍 Thank you for all you do. Cheers! 🌹

Thanks for your upvotes!!!

nice add on 💙 improvements @steemitboard

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most welcome 💙

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Thanks! For your like, I, too, thank you, like you. You have good posts coming out! Thanks for the very interesting posts.

Ah, it's been a while since I last checked my Steemitboard achievements.

No more excuses not to go there now 😉

Thank you very much for the new update

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Thank for the information, regards @steemitboard., thank to check my status...

very good job guys.

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