Trying Not To Get Wrapped Up In The Panic

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These are crazy times right now in the world, these last few weeks we have been bombarded about corona virus, everyday it seems to be spreading and the propaganda is in full swing.

As always, it is those who are suffering already, that suffer the most.

Reading about cities that are on shut down, how the panic has now reached Europe and spreading as we speak. I am not worried myself, but I can't help feel for those who are in a panic.

And now today, coming onto the platform and seeing what has happened. That, the 20 witnesses that we as a community voted for, where replaced so that recent soft fork could be override.

It is understandable if we feel like thing are just completely out of our control. Seeing the platform down, knowing that we can not access our tokens, it really did send people into a panic. Not even going into how these 20 new witnesses when put there in the first place.

These are interesting times indeed. I had high hopes for 2020, but it seems as though we are living in very chaotic times. So what is the best thing to do, act chaotically, or take some time to actually step back and breathe.

The community on here is strong, the members that I know and that I follow and listen to, are passionate about the platform and I hope that we can find a way to move forward together.

What is really important is that we think before we act, to let the dust settle, let the angry settle and think about what is really best for the community. I can totally understand the anger that many must be feeling right now. But please do not act from a place of anger.

Do not make any decisions just yet, what was done, was by all means pretty shit, but it does not mean we need to do the same. We are better than that, we can not just keep continuing to react, to the actions that have led us here. We need to try and open up communication and show how strong we are as a community and how committed we are to the future of this community, where ever it's future lies.

With everything that is happening in the world, all this fear, all this segregation, keeping strong in our stance and in our commitment to community is really important. I am here for the community and I will stand by my community.

Take Deep Breath's and try not to let the panic take over. Take some time to really think about what the next course of action should be. Do not rush, communication is key here.

Just slow down and take time to really think about what you want to do. And as I already said, Do not act out of a place of anger or fear.

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What we need to do is pull together as a community and come up with good solutions. This requires communicating and listening to everyone, even the negative Nancies/Neds.

We are Steem and should never just sit back and wait until someone else takes action(as some are suggesting).

Here's my idea;
First, I didn't agree with the softfork and I certainly don't agree with JS's counter move, which undermined every single one of us.

I believe we need to get rid of the witness hierarchy, increase the node count and take the staked weight out of governance voting to truly decentralize the fork. Then this will not happen in the future.

All nodes should be equal. Nodes, not witnesses.

yes we need to listen to everyone and move forward in this together. At the moment I think trying to get our witnesses back on top would be great and from there start to make the decisions that will ensure we are decentralized. Thanks @notconvinced xx