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A strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve a major or overall aim.

This is a very versatile definition when you think about it.

When you think strategy, you may often think something big picture.

But a strategy can be applied to day to day tasks.

For example, a morning routine.

A morning routine is a strategic move that you implement that many don't even consider.

And it gives you a competitive advantage for the rest of your day.

A speech can also leverage a strategy.

Rather than just saying anything that comes to your mind, you have methodically set up your points to amplify the impact of the story & increase engagement.

Point being, a strategy is important.

'So how come everyone doesn't have one?'

Because a strategy is earned.

If you were to tell me to be a strategic steemer when I first joined steemit, I'd have no clue what that meant.

And my confusion would have led me to ask a lot of questions to veteran steemers.

A lot of those questions would be super basic & only end up annoying these vets.

In order for me to have developed a strategy, I needed to learn what doesn't work, so I could figure out what does...

On my own.

I wrote a articles earlier saying that knowing WHAT to fix requires pain, dealing with embarrassment, a tamed ego, reflection etc.

Knowing HOW to fix it typically requires a few strategic steemit searches.

We often focus on the HOW before the WHAT.

And that's because we are subconsciously trying to skip steps.

If I ended up asking those steemers for their strategy, then that's exactly what I would have gotten.

Their strategy.

Not mine.

It took a dozen articles to start seeing my style of online blogging.

I am an informal guy who likes to tell jokes & stories.

A lot of those other steemers were more serious & placed a heavy importance on interfaces.

If I adopted their strategy, then i'd feel miserable & wouldn't be here today.

I would think that steeming felt like work & found something new.

In order to be strategic, you need to throw yourself in the fire & record the journey.

Document the journey so you can keep track.

In terms of steemit blogging, I do my best to write down every article.

The more you keep track, the more you will know WHAT to fix.

After collecting a lot of the WHAT, you'll be able to connect the dots, then hop on over to steemit search engine to get the HOW.

And many times, you'll create your unique HOW that has never been thought of before.

Your personal experiences are your competitive advantage in the next coming years.

People don't want to hear facts regarding your industry.

That makes you no different than a search engine.

People want to read your story.

And the ideal strategy is using your experiences as the compass.

Your personal experiences will give you a stronger sense of self.

The sense of self is a 2 in 1 combo.

1. Gives you an ideal desire for the future.

2. Helps you come to ease with the past.

The most strategic thinkers operate like this.

Trends come and go.

But the fundamentals last a lifetime.

By the time you do join a mastermind or get a mentor down the line, you bring something to the table.

You bring insights which can't be found in mainstream context.

That's when you become a value giver rather than a mooch.

The fundamentals can be applied to any industry in human existence.

But it all begins with the sense of self.

And that can be traced from your memory lane & the action you're currently taking.

So if you want to be strategic, identify YOUR weaknesses & strengths.

Not someone else's.

Then use that thing called your mind to find the connections.

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That's when you realize you can learn from anyone rather than just a few steemers.

When you unlock that level of thinking, everything you do is strategy.

Till tomorrow

Trilston 💲


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