My Steemit googlyeyes | Os meus googlyeyes do Steemit

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My Steemit googlyeyes | Os meus googlyeyes do Steemit

The photo I did for @googlyeyes and @googlyprize | A foto que fiz para o @googlyeyes e @googlyprize

My Steemit googlyeyes | Os googlyeyes do Steemit

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haha... splendid... i mean, I always say:

everything is better with #GooglyEyes

and especially steemit is!

I wonder where did you get that steemit swagger, though? did you have that printed for yourself, or are these sold like this somewhere?

Thanks, I love Steemit with eyes.
Thanks a lot for supporting my son.
This swagger( plus 2 t-shirts and a stick with Logo) was a gift from Steemit fest 2 in Lisbon, that my son takes to School every day, and he said he saw a laughing face in Steemit logo and he decided to apply the googleyeyes. :)

the youngest steem ambassador out there?!

that's awesome!

Yes I'm 5 years old. 6 is coming soon.

This should be Steemit's new logo 👀

Thanks a lot for the help and support of the pirate.
I love pirates. :)
I'm the father of Jimbo, and very I am very grateful for your support to my kid.
He is bursting with pride for being recognized, and he knows and understands Steemit very well, and he makes all the operations from photos to publishing.
Even voted you as witness. hehe
Now posting on Steemit opened his appetite to learn html code, and I'm astonished how fast a kid can learn it.
Steemit is a landmark in his cognitive and emotional development as an "unschooled"project boosting his motivation to create more.
He has already made more 50 posts to publish.
Thanks for all.

I'm happy to see you educating your kid about building stuff. It's the best way to stimulate his intellect and handy work.