A loser's reflection on HF21

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They spoke very clearly about that, with no shame or hesitation:

That good post, valued now in 0.90 dollars —from which a major percentage belongs to the author—, will receive, after HF21, less rewards from the same support that it is getting right now.

If now its whole rewards reach but 4 STEEM, from now on it will reach perhaps 3 STEEM... or maybe 2. And from those 2 STEEM, the author will receive even less percentage of the rewards, because half of them will belong to curators.

According to this new system, it doesn't matter if the author is earning too little. It doesn't allow special considerations for newcomers that haven't still created a web of friends, followers or supporters, neither for authors that have been participating with gigantic efforts, but still didn't get that dreamed support of dolphins, orcas or whales.

Furthermore —and most troubling— this HF institutes a glass ceiling of 20 STEEM per post, that separates winners from loosers, no matter how much effort, quality or time are implied in every post.



It's a competition with the standard previously settled to 20 coins. Couldn't you attain those coins? What a pity... you're out. Your creativity, the high quality of your writings, the passion that you put into your art, and even the usefulness of your post to the whole community are worthless. They don't deserve rewards.

Where is now that insistent esteem for "the people who gives value to our community"? Those who are now applying this new system are the same ones that, so many times, insisted about the importance of giving value through our publications.

They said that Steemit was primarily about community and self-expression, and that the rewards were only a good natural (and desired) consequence of that social, artistic and intellectual dynamic. But now they are settling a system based on the opposite values.

This doesn't seem an effective way to encourage users with little rewards to keep posting, or to make newcomers enthusiastic about their possibilities here.

They seem to believe that people who don't get 20 STEEM at each post don't do a good job, don't make worthy efforts. That shows an astonishing ignorance about the real social and economic dynamics on Steemit. But... wait a minute, the people implementing this are the most engaged ones with the platform. It is difficult to believe that these decisions come from ignorance.

I don't know what bizarre calculations were made to arrive to the conclusion that it is good and healthy to beat down the heads of every plankton and minnow, walking on their faces bragging about the money they could get if only they could overcome that 20 STEEM target line.

They're wrong. Don't let them convince you about that supposed insignificance of our contribution. Our creations matter, even if they are not appreciated by enough curators with big SP.

Striking bidbots? Think again.

So, let's calculate.

The only way to save your profitability —which is very little right now, because you are a little fish in the ocean— is to somehow earn 20 STEEM at each post. That would be right now rewards of 4.50 dollars (approximately) by each post.

I think about that and feel it like a dream. Some of us would be very happy with earnings of 4 dollars everyday. That would give us so much relief, making our lives easier.

But how could we get that?

Some of us are lucky and found the support of some honest people and communities. They vote for our creations making us reach... let's say 19 STEEM on each post (I still don't get that much, except in rare occasions).

Very good... but we still don't reach the minimum! So, according to the HF21, our posts are nothing, they're just excrement of noisy cows. We are just losers... We better leave.

What should we try then? Bidbots?

They said this fork was to fight against bidbots (among other things), because they wanted to materialize that principle of the platform, that people would earn money for their dedication, for the intrinsic value of their creations. But, in fact, these decisions only encourage the use of bidbots to attain that minimum (whenever we can), and shamelessly insult the efforts of every honest creator who doesn't get some specific arbitrary amount of coins at each of his posts.

Didn't you receive enough rewards? What a pity... now you will receive even less.

Free downvotes and moral restraint

And what about the decision on downvotes? More of the same:

They are encouraging people to give downvotes. Why?

You have to think about that.

Every action in this blockchain takes resources from our accounts for a very good reason: we must decide with responsibility on how we spend our limited resources.

We cannot upvote everyone, we cannot comment for everyone... we must be selective and moderate or else, we'll waste our limited resources on actions that won't give back worthy outcomes.

In this system, downvotes are a highly meaningful action. Why? Because they don't give you rewards... you cannot earn money giving downvotes. You get nothing by them, on the contrary, you lose... you lose your strength, you lose resources from your account.

So, for most of us, responsible caring people, downvotes are something which must be applied only when it is very important and necessary.

If you downvote someone, you do that to protect this platform from dishonest and violent people. Instead of earning money, you perform a sacrifice on your own resources for the health of our common system.

It is an action so important, so severe, that many of us never perform it. I do prefer to withdraw my upvote if I find out that a person was not careful enough with copyright issues (if it was just a lapse), and just write a comment to alert him about his inattention.

When a writer is not careful with the ortography on his text (so that you cannot even understand what he's telling), you do not downvote him... you just overpass and ignore his writing, reserving your resources to people who really deserve them.

Mad downvoters and mistakes

But there are people that play with downvotes with no thought about the efforts or feelings of the authors. They dedicate some accounts specifically to downvote people, with no explanation and no reason. Now Steemit is going to give them a beautiful present: free downvotes, so that they don't run out on resources too soon.

What do you think they will do after HF21? To moderate their downvoting career, or to downvote everyone more as a mad masturbator?



Finally, as perhaps all cleaners in Steemit know, the act of downvoting is not exempt of mistakes. That's why it's even more important that it carries a loss on resources. That loss imposes a moral weight on the equation, which is very needed.

A good example of that was the battle on translations that took place some months ago, whose breaking point was the downvote on this post of @jeilinespinel by the cleaners.

The community was astounded by that action, and they screamed back —in the comments of the post, and in Discord channels—, standing firmly on their judgement that the cleaners' downvote was unjust. It was a punishment on a honest good creator. And the position of the majority was clear:

Every creator has the right to bring his own, original works to other public by translating them, and earn for that effort.

It is not "gaming" the system. It takes time, knowledge and energy to make a good translation... It even would take money, if you're hiring a translator (although that seems useless, unless you're sure of a bigger revenue).

And it is not repeated content (like the cleaners kept saying), in the same way that "Le Mythe de Sisyphe" of Camus (1942) is not just repeated on "El Mito de Sísifo" (1981), a Spanish translation by Esther Benítez... or whichever different version.

If someone translates badly, even that doesn't deserve a downvote. It only deserves the same indifference as any post written with incomprehensible language (the problem is that some voters don't even read what they curate). It's just a bad text.

At the end, the cleaners withdrew their downvote, and accepted to not punish writers for translating their own original creations. They heard the community... they cared.

If cleaners —having so high moral concerns to protect the platform— commit mistakes, how many more mistakes would be commited by people if they are encouraged (by mere design) to spread downvotes on the community?

Final words

I could analyze the terrible consequences of this change with more depth, but I think this is enough. Obviously this HF will widen the gap between those who earn big and those who earn little.

I just wish that some people could understand that, for some of us, Steemit is not a game in which we can happily play with money... because we have no money. Every investment we do is at the cost of great sacrifices.

For creators like me, with real intellectual and artistic projects, this blockchain means (or meant) a possible instrument to make a living by standing on our own vocations, despite being surrounded by the worst social, political and financial conditions.

For many other steemians (that here became bloggers), Steemit is (or was) a place where they could get some money really needed for their daily survival. And perhaps that dynamic could take them to a beautiful intellectual and cultural development.

But now some people of power are ready to dismiss us and all the value we could bring.

PS. We'll try to survive and grow, to not be little fishes anymore (though this change won't be helping us). But even if some of us succeed in growing, there will be always the little ones. We should care about them.

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I was also very surprised about where the ceiling is.. I mean even an orca does not make it above the threshold, only two orcas voting with 100% will make the job.. so I was not aware that the threshold would be so high and I am not aware of any publication before explaining it.. I had the impression that the threshold would be around 10 cents or so...
And yes.. this will propel bid bot use further.. an am am pretty sure this is not a good thing...

Your calculation gives me a higher awareness about the level of this problem.

So this system may keep down a great number of users, perhaps even more than I had thought before.

I am wondering now if maybe the mistake was so hard that the majority of users will reject this new system.

Sadly, the most probable event is just the fleeing of many steemians to other platforms. If people think "I get nothing remaining here", they'll leave.

just as an example.. this comment got a 100% upvote from me which at the old method was worth 0.70 to 0.72 USD.. now its only 0.42 USD..
I believe this is quite unfortunate.. but steem will get over this, too.
It will survive, I would not bet against steem.

Oh, that's approximately a reduction to the 60% of the old value, exactly as @crypto.piotr reported in his post of the @project.hope.

This is so enlightening about the details of this change.

I just used your calculations and those of @crypto.piotr to develop a post about this. I hope it won't bother you that I mentioned your comments there. I think our comments serve as a good contribution to the general knowledge we build as a community.

You could read it here.

Thank you very much for your 100% upvote, @solarwarrior.

Is true

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I think the outlook is a bit too pessimistic, it's not black and white, you will earn Steem even, if your post receives less than 20 Steem, and if Steem gets more investor-friendly again, those earned Steem could be worth much more. ps. the reward curve change is one of my least favorite feature of the HF, but the other features (SPS, 50/50, downvote pool) make sense in my opinion, at least to try them out.

I understand and respect your view. Sorry if my analysis was too bitter.

I know that we, planktons, will still be earning some coins. Even though they decided that we must earn less, we still be earning something.

And the hope for more investors that could make the price to rise... well, that certainly would be beneficial to all of us, and would make our little crumbs more valuable. But it's only a possibility.

The fact is that, even in such hypothetical better situation, the system was carefully designed to overlook the contribution of the little ones.

Even if I was not a plankton, that decision would seem to me very worrying. I would be very concerned... wondering what kind of ideas lies in the minds of those who decide the character of this project.

So you can see, I'm speaking about principles... principles made code, principles deciding the nature of our interrelations.

I was taught to give help to those who most need it. In this HF they are openly applying the opposite. At least one must ask why?

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This great post got less then 0.10$ at this point , that's sad. Hours has been spent, honest point of view from a true quality writer who is one of those 99% of the little ones one Steem.

Let me give your post a little push from bot (lol) , the current payout value is far away from fair and this is why most people just use Appics to post one line and a picture.

This is really discouraging ....anyway... congrats to your Crypto Academy project! This is really great and if I have a 100k SP I would delegate to you right now.

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 12.35.27.png

Now it looks a little better, this is at least the minimum that this post should get

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 12.50.53.png

Steem on , no matter what, our spirit worth more!

Thank you very much, dear @siamcat. Your help gives me more reasons to insist in developing my projects.

We'll keep striving to build good things, according to our capacities, for the sake of the Esperanto and Venezuelan communities. I know that, along our path, we'll find good people like you, that want to give a friendly push to help our success.

We just need to keep walking, and we'll do.

Take this humble heart

Very good post which deserves more attention. I think it accurately point out the thoughts of many steemians with lower SP. I hope some bigger voters get to see this and come in to support

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Thanks my friend. I hope that too. Anyway we'll keep our best efforts... That's what we do, that's what we are.

Everything at first is nice, like drugs. But in the end, the changes ruin everything. I guess, in the end, we'll have to move to another platform like Whaleshare, Weku, etc.

I already did... well, at least I am working simultaneously in several blockchain platforms. I have this strong certainty that, even if this project goes down, the future holds for us many other and better ones. It's inevitable.

That's right! the future holds many other platforms :D (Sorry for the delay)

Well, that HF21 is like choking the neck of the hen which lays golden eggs. There are not even enough bots which accepts 20 steem bids. Ŝajnas ke ili volas detruigi la tutan retejon pro ilia avideco.

Eĉ se vi pagas por la votado tiam la balenoj ricevas la duonon. Aspektas kiel pli forte mangxigi la grasulojn.

Yes, that was the thing that amazed me at the first moment, when reading their announce:

How is it possible that they are not aware that the strength and value of this platform come from the cohesion of its community?

This is not like other crypto projects whose value lies in the trading game. This one is about a community that shares and cares.

It doesn't matter if you share your family pictures, poetry or films. You're giving the best of you to connect with others... and that dynamic was the heart of this space, regardless of how many coins you were attaining.

If they hurt that social dynamic (as they're doing right now), the whole project simply will lose its raison d'être, and therefore its whole value.

Avidaj homoj suferas grandan stultecon... kredante sin supere spritaj kaj ruzaj, ili fakte nur detruadas multege da ŝancoj por atingi propran stabilecon. Ili mapliigas siajn eblecojn pro anima blindeco.

Ja ili ne estas tiom inteligentaj kiom ili sin kredas.

The community thing is what took me a while to get. But I still need to understand how it will go over the long term.

I understand. And I think there's no certainty about that part (the social strength) of our blockchain dynamic, but I think it is always in our hands to take care about it, about our unity, reciprocity and solidarity.

It's like an everyday decision that strengthens or diminishes our bonds and possibilities.

Indeed, we must each make it our own personal agenda. Though blockchain also needs to provide rewards to each users. Unfortunately, Steemit voting shows a big fat "0" for even people with enough SP (500) to obtain the slider.

hi @spirajn

I wonder what's your impression after HF21 has been "deployed".

I wonder how will this fork impact users behaviours. So far it seem that most people will be upvoting content which is already popular.

When I upvoted post with 0$ then my upvote was worth only 1,04SP and it used to be 1,7SP before the fork. However when I upvoted the highest post in trending page (100$) then my upvote increased reward by over 2 SP. So pretty much it doubled in strength.

So somehow pushing your content to trending page will bring some solid traffic.

Upvoted already.

Exactly. In next weeks we will learn more about the specific consequences of this with its technical implications. But now we can see that this is only encouraging to upvote for the bigger ones.

Seems like the developers weren't thinking very much about the grow of the community and its cultural richness...

But well, of course, we'll keep striving, and perhaps this good work could make us more popular. That's what is needed now.

Nonetheless I now start thinking again about the Tribes... I've received some messages in Discord that many tribes are focusing even more in their tokens and communities. But I need to explore more to know how much their inner technical dynamics depend on the ones in Steemit.

I know their reward distribution system is really independent —some of them implemented the fifty-fifty distribution even before this HF21—. But if so they are really independent in the distribution of upvotes, downvotes and other technical factors... they could became spaces where little fishes like me could look for the appreciation that this NewSteem design doesn't allow for us in the Steem/SBD ecosystem.

Late thank you for your valuable comment @spirajn

Appreciate it a lot.

Yours, Piotr

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All good things have to come to an end...

"Todo tiene su final"... It's true. But as the good things fall, other good things arise. We just have to find those new opportunities, wherever they are.

Yes... You're right! Everyday arises a brand new opportunity... Sorry for the delay

It's good to keep the hope in our future... We'll find good opportunities. We'll keep striving for better situations.