Communities Rolled Out — First Impressions

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Blog as the default shows everything except Community posts, and Posts shows everything except resteems, but neither has a Show All option?

Under Posts there’s a Payouts tab that sorts one’s posts and comments by payout. The purpose of the little green and red dots to the right of each of them wasn’t obvious at first, but after a cup of coffee to jumpstart my brain I realized the were related to upvotes and downvotes. But even after coffee, the meaning of the dots somewhat eluded me. My posts had at most five dots but one of them had two greens and three reds but still had a (small) potential payout showing. I looked at a few other wallets and found accounts that had up to eight dots. @tarazkp for instance had a post with four green and four red but a pending payout larger than any of my posts (as they rightfully always do). So green and red appear to not have equal weighting, greens appear to have more strength than red for the algorithm.

Notifications are handy but the “Mark as Read” links seemed to have no effect other than clearing the red number, the long list of notifications remains. Meh. It’s a feature, not a bug?

At the top of our profile page, SP is shown and it’s effective SP (net after delegations are factored in) rather than owned SP. There’s a number to the right of that (in my case 1,583), the meaning of which isn’t completely obvious but is probably our rank by effective SP. We’re all used to the sorted by owned SP list at places like (in my case, 910) but a sorting by effective SP is useful.

Hmmmm....When I’m on my profile page, there’s no obvious link back to “Friends”. I can go to the URL and get to it by adding feed but that’s a bit of a kludge.

There’s still a “We’re beginning to roll out communities” notice up so perhaps more tweaks and features are forthcoming.

One really big change is that the old generic landing page for those not logged in is gone, replaced by a Community-centric Trending page:


The old landing page was incredibly lame; the new one immediately gives visiting noobs a better feel for the site.

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I think it all looks quite interesting. It's the first time in a long while that I've settled down for a good read. I'm just wondering about the links between Steem-Engine tokens and communities, if any? 🤔

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Hi Dear Friend @preparedwombat.

This will help the communities to have greater projection. I think that now all the steemit activity stopped being seen as individual push, to now have a more collective perspective. This is very positive in my opinion.

I would like to know if it is possible to limit the possibility that anyone can make a publication in the front-end of a hive. This is because there is a possibility that posts will be published that do not fit the editorial lines and the established themes. It would be interesting if this feature were included.

Thank you for sharing this first very successful analysis.

All best, Piotr.